Shame on WABC TV News

My wife and I were just watching a news item on WABC TV NYC 5:00pm news. They were talking about Pope John Paul II’s second miracle and his upcoming ceremony to become Blessed. The news report was a total hit piece on the Catholic Church. They lambasted the previous Pope for not doing anything about the sex scandal. They interviewed a nasty pedestrianr who accused the church of all sorts of sex crimes. The reporter completely agreed with the pedestrian. Shame, Shame and Shame! They should all be fired.


Yes, this was supposed to be a piece about the second miracle that will elevate John Paul II to sainthood. It is sad that the sex scandal continues to be the “big story”. If you remember what was said in this piece, back when the Pope died, the Catholic faith, at least by the media, was considered on the dying fringe. We are not dead.

We are alive!

Is this the segment you are referring to? Its at the top of the AP article, but was locally produced by WABC-TV.

In the video, at the 1:10 an anonymous man who is said to have been one of among thousands molested by a priest. That man says that he thought Pope John Paul II knew and didn’t do enough.

I think that was the only negative comment in the two minute segment. Do I have the same video clip you are referring to?

Yes, that is the segment.

The priest abuse has nothing to do with Pope John Paul II’s miracle.

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