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For a while now, my signature has been a link to my website. However, I thought I would write post explaining what my website is about since many of you might be interested in it. I wanted to create a website that explored all the mysteries of the rosary more in depth. I know a lot of times we tend to fly through praying the rosary without a lot of thought (at least I do). So I wanted my website to get the “spiritual juices” flowing and get people to approach prayer and spirituality differently.

I draw a lot of my inspiration from what I hear on EWTN radio and other Catholic sources (thank you Father Corapi). I have branched out from only writing about the mysteries of the rosary to discussion about faith and spirituality in general.

You can read my latest post here for a sample:

I would love to hear your comments about the site and ways I can improve it. Thanks.


I did quickly look at it and it seems like a nice website, informative…I will look at more this weekend…thanks:)


it looks really good :slight_smile:

have you ever read the book “Secret of the Rosary” by St Louis de Montfort? there’s a lot of information there too about the Rosary.

God bless


It looks very nice and professional. I like what you write, too. Keep up the good work!:slight_smile:


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