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My scalp is driving me nuts. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s dry, itchy, semi-red, and burns from time to time. I’ve reduced shampoos down to three times a week and use conditioner. I blow dry maybe once a week tops, not even that always. And never use hairspray or gels or curling irons. It’s not sunburn, I’ve had that before, but I haven’t been outside much, this is different. I’m thinking I need to switch shampoo/conditioners, to a better quality brand, but don’t know which ones to try. This isn’t dandruff, cause I have no flakes, and its really dry, but doesn’t flake off when I scratch it. The rest of my skin is dry, so I’m thinking it’s just the weather. But, I don’t want to lotion up my head. Maybe a leave in conditioner, to lock in the moisture? I don’t want to spend tons of money trying new products, any suggestions? Thanks! :slight_smile:


Time to visit a dermatologist…not your regular doctor, a dermatologist…the best resource for your problem. You might be suffering from eczema or some other dermititis that requires a prescription medicated shampoo. Much better to start there than with any over the counter product.



I’m new here :slight_smile:

I’d recomend Head and Shoulders -Dry scalp

I have the same issues at times and H&S really really clears that up.

It’s such a good Shampoo, I’d really recomend it! :slight_smile:



My sister is a haridresser and she recommended

Tigi Bed Head Treat Me Right Peppermint Hair Mask

for me as I have the same problem. I like it, it can be a bit spendy (~$20)but worth it IMO. She also said NO HEAD& SHOULDERS. She said DENOREX is the way to go. Shampoo everyother day, condition everyday.

I’m a brunette so I use the BRUNETTE GODDESS shampoo & conditioner. Again it is expensive but I bought the giant bottles the first part of July and I’m still using them and will be for some time. But you are looking at ~$25per bottle.


Hi LovingHim - I also suffer with the same problem, although, only in the winter. I saw a dermatologist to have a pylar cyst removed and she told me that I have a mild case of eczema on my scalp. She prescribed a lotion to be put on twice a day. I use Abba moisture sensation shampoo and conditioner. SilenceISgolden had some good advice, too.


Head and Shoulders is seriously nice. My husband uses it.


We use Suave Humectent shampoo and conditioner. We tired a bottle of both after spending on a bottle of Nexxus Humectress, and liked the results. It rinses well and does not leave a lot to rinse, because it does not take a lot (size of a quarter for washing medium-length hair, size of a dime to condition).


I use Dove, Shampoo and Conditioner. I did switch to some brand my hairdresser recommended a few months back. I was an itching nightmare!!! So back to Dove I went!

Kind of off topic, does anyone else get sick of hair dressers telling you how any product other than what they sell is horrible for your hair. It is all just a sales ploy, I kick myself every time I fall for it!


Maybe a hot oil treatment that gets to the scalp.


There are many good products on the market today. Suave, Dove, Pantene, to name a few, are economical and are very good products. I was a cosmetologist and gave it up - got tired of working morning, noon and night…now I digress. Anyway, professional products are expensive, but there are a few that I tend to favor.


still think a visit to a dermatolagist is in order, esp if you have symptoms on other areas besides the scalp.

I use selsen blue once a week, and shampoo with any clear unscented brand with nothing added every other day. If I use one with additives, color or scent, herbals, botanicals, conditioner etc. I break out, certain areas of the scalp, behind the ears, eyebrows and lashes. Aveeno for babies is the best, and worth the expense, never had any problems with it.


That’s the longest shampoo name in history!:smiley: I don’t know whether to put it on my head, or eat it. hahahaha;) :stuck_out_tongue: Peppermint I think is good for itching? I have read that.

I also second the poster who recommended H&S…and also the person who said to see your dermatologist. If it’s red and burning, you might need a prescription. I hope it clears up soon…that used to happen to me from time to time in PA–but not in Florida at all anymore.:shrug:


Does sound like a trip to your doc is in order…

You might also try Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree shampoo (Sally’s has a generic version that also has tea tree oil in it… in fact, the folks at Sally’s might have some advice for you.)


I’ll second that:yup: ! DH uses Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Shampoo regularly & I have used it on occasion when my scalp is dry. It works. I would give it a try before I went to the Dermatologist.:slight_smile:


My dd has eczema and her dr told her to use a shampoo with coal tar once a week… Like T-Gel … very expensive but the walgreens brand works just as good and it’s only once a week.


Thanks for all the suggestions! :slight_smile: I’m going to buy something this weekend hopefully, never get much shopping done during the week. :stuck_out_tongue: See, thing is, I have super dry skin each winter, but this is my first time with the dry scalp. It’s been an extra hard winter with all the changes, warm to cold, cold to warm and back again, that maybe it’s just that. So, I’m going to try one or two of these suggestions and see if that works, if not I’ll get it checked out. Before I go get something though, I have heard that dandruff shampoo (like head and shoulders) can actually dry out your scalp worse? Is that true, or just a tale? Thanks. :slight_smile:


See a dermatologist before you go around trying new products. Hope you feel betta soon!


I use to get 'dandruff ’ and itchy scalp; tried Sea Breeze by spraying it onto my scalp for a while and no problems since then.


try using plain bar soap, like grandma used, to shampoo, then rinse of with solution of water and white vinegar youwill be amazed after a week or so.


I have the same problem. do stay out of the drug store, grocery store and dont buy those products. that much really is true.

buy the stuff at the salons, but I will warn you not all of them work for you, but they are way better than the drug store stuff.

If I use that my entire head turns into a flake.! I found the Matrix line in the salon bothered me. I had luck with Paul Mitchell and that bed head tigi stuff someone mentioned.

But the best has been the Nixion, its a bit pricy but you really dont go through it quick. It cleans at the scalp and Im sure you wont be disapointed. there is scalp therapy for cream rinse, I havent bother with the rest as the shampoo and rinse seem good.

My hubby bear even had a unbiased observation. he said after a couple months of using Nixion,

“hey wants with this shampoo you buy, its making my hair thicker”

couldnt get a better testiominial. :slight_smile: because it cleans the scalp so well, it promotes hair growth.

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