Shanghai's Two Child Policy

I didn’t see this anywhere and I thought someone might be interested. China doesn’t have a strict “one child policy (独生子女政策),” but instead has a sort of tiered system depending on where you live: residents in densely urban areas, like Shanghai, are normally allowed only one child, some residents of rural areas are allowed two children if the first is a girl, some rural residents of very sparsely populated areas are allowed to have two without restrictions on gender, and, to complicated matters further, if you are a member of a Chinese Minority Nationality (i.e. Mongol, Uyghur, Tibetan, Zhuang, Korean, etc) you typically can have one more child than normally allowed your Han neighbors.

Sadly, this is not due to any newfound appreciation for children anymore than it is a newfound appreciation for skilled labor - Shanghai’s is getting old and there’s not enough in the pipeline, so to speak, to maintain Shanghai’s (still!) booming economy.

Thank God for America!! I have six children I very proud of them. No one should be allowed to dictate how many children a family can have.

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