Shape of the earth


Why do some people believe that this earth is flat?
Is this view associated in any way with their faith, i.e., is there any religion that teaches explicitly that the earth is flat?
Does being a Catholic requires us to believe that the earth is round (based on, e.g., Isaiah 40:22)?


The Catholic faith doesn’t require us to “believe” anything about the earth. It isn’t a matter of faith or morals and there is nothing doctrinal about the physical properties of the universe.

Science, mathematics, and common sense, on the other hand, have quite a lot to say about the universe and the physical properties of the earth.


It is inaccurate to say the Church makes no proclamations outside of faith and morals.


More precisely, the Earth is a sphere slightly flattened at the poles


The internet is a little odd. Lately celebrities have bought into it so it’s a little more popular now.

Some try to put a faith spin on it.

However, my understanding is that it’s often based on wrong ideas about physics and feeling that it is too complicated (instead of describing that which is observed, physics now relies much upon theoretical physics and things not easily observed), and also a strict idea of evidence, not believing anything that you do not directly experience or can tell.

Many in the flat earth society are atheists/agnostic, including the president of the society.

However on YouTube or whatnot many of the flat earthers seem to believe in God and the Bible, but I get the feeling many of them like noncanonical books like the Book of Enoch.

I do not think the Catholic Church requires you to believe that the earth is round or flat.


You have been misled by the Illuminati! The Earth is actually a cube…


Drat that illuminati!


I didn’t say the Church makes no proclamations outside faith or morals.


People who believe in flat earth are fanatics who think that NASA manipulates all astronomers in the world. Christians shouldn’t be flat earthers, because the myth of the flat earth is an idea that actually is used to discredit Christianism. Some antireligious people use some Bible’s versicles, like Apocalypse 1:7, to try to prove that Bible preaches flat earth.


Nobody has ever believed the earth is flat.

Even the early sumerians and babylonians knew it was a globe.

Flat earth is something that gets repeated by idiots. Who claimed that the Greeks believed they could sail off the ends of the world. They didnt. It’s another myth.

Easily supported by doing a 2 second google search or having an actual education. If anybody claims the world is flat, they have an impediment in intelligence. Be it year 10,000bc or 2017.


I’d 'like ’ that if I could,but I’ve used up my likes :slight_smile:


No but being a scientifically literate person requires you to believe the earth is round.


Who believes the earth is flat. Please, inform them of accurate, evolving science.
In Christ’s love


For a totally different view of the earth’s shaoe, Christopher Priest’s “Inverted World” provides yet a different take.


The Earth is round. If you don’t like the fact that we are having this discussion, thank the progressives and the post-modern SJWS.

This is what happens when you twist the core scientific values of the Enlightenment.


There is actually a running theme about cubes and the Illuminati whom take their ritualistic sorcery from the Kabala.

The Islamic Kaaba is also a cube.

Some Christian groups think the new Jerusalem will be a giant gold cubical city.

Plus media Transformers and Captain America / Avengers / Thor all deal with cubes.


In a copy of the St Joseph NAB student edition I believe it’s a hardcover copy bound in canvas cloth usually colored tan there is an illustration of what the Old Testament believers thought earth to look like.

There were pillars on which the earth sat and beneath it was sheol.

Of course this may have been a crude folk belief or way of explaining it but the idea earth is flat nonsensical.


Scientifically speaking, I don’t see why the earth shouldn’t be flat. I can select a coordinate system to make it flat, I can select a coordinate system to make it round. Why is there so much contention over this? If I take out a map, there are latitudes and longitudes, in other words, a flat cartesian system. When my architect plans my house, the plans also have a flat coordinate system. I never heard of a house collapsing because of that error. You may say, ah yes, but that is just an approximation, of course we know it’s incorrect. But at the end of the day, you use the coordinate system that best suits your purposes. You don’t introduce complexity that has no purpose for the task at hand. In reality, the universe isn’t really 3 dimensional either. There are many more dimensions. So maybe in N-dimensional space the earth isn’t round but shaped liked a helical-cybermuted qwertyuiopedioid. How very backward that there are people who say its round.


A cube with a tower on top!:open_mouth:


Well without anything else to go on, they are fairly correct:

Rev 21:16 And the city lieth in a four-square: and the length thereof is as great as the breadth. And he measured the city with the golden reed for twelve thousand furlongs: and the length and the height and the width thereof are equal.

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