Share something interesting about your vocation journey


What it is something interesting about your path to your vocation?

At what stage of your life were you first interested in your particular vocation? When did you begin discerning? When did you enter your particular vocation? How do you liek your vocation now that you are in it?



I thought when I was 23 I would become a priest then that thought went away. Then I off again on again thought about joining an order specifically the Franciscans.

Recently a couple of people have told/asksed me you should think about the priesthood.

In my mind I thought, you guys are wasting your breath trying to promote the priesthood (here in LA we are lacking priests) I'm not interested thats not for me, its too good for me I've already decided thats not the life I'm going to live.

After thinking about it a little more and talking about it to friends I've gotten fired up about it and have started the discernment process and I'm hoping this is what I'm called to do because everytime I think about it I want it more and more!!

The funny thing is growing up they would say to us you young people should consider the priesthood because we lack them in our area. I thought to myself "that is the lamest profession, you have to be single and be good, why are you even bothering asking us none of us want that!!!"

The ironing is killing me :p.


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