Share today's Homily Take-Away (Assumption of Mary)

The homily at my parish was so enlightening. Our priest focused how Mary was always aware of the needs of others (and our needs). At the wedding in Cana, it was Mary who realized the bride and groom would soon be embarrassed when they ran out of wine. When she learned that Elizabeth was pregnant with John the Baptist, she immediately went to her and stayed for three months until he was born. She traveled the dangerous roads without fear for her own safety and her own situation. When gathered with the disciples after the resurrection, she prayed with them and for them. They were afraid for their own safety, she was there as a mother to comfort them. I’d love to hear what other’s experienced today.


My priest emphasized Mary’s humility and gratefulness to God. He said when he goes to speak at different award ceremonies the recipients talk about their accomplishments and thank people in their lives but he rarely hears them thanking God. He then pointed out that Mary, who when praised by Elizabeth, gave all praise to God with the Magnificat.


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