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*Hi all, **I’ve inserted my conversion to the Lord below.I’m wondering if any of **you would like to share, how you started taking your walk with Jesus *[font=Arial]seriously.[/font]
[font=Arial]I was born in a catholic family but[/font][font=Arial] as I grew up I did not have much of a relationship with God. It was a relationship that I took for granted.I prayed because it was expected of me or especially when I needed help. Soon I lost the sense of sin as I was blinded by the movies I watched, the books I read & I began to question certain moral values that I was brought up with.By around this time I had found a job & was quite contented with life. Then I happened to meet a couple of friends whose way of life took me completely by surprise. They seemed so much in love with God & took great care to live a Christian life. [font=Times New Roman]However this did not stop me from making fun of my faith & said things to them like, the best thing I like about Mass was when the priest said, “Go the Mass has ended” & the congregation responded, “Thanks be to God.” Soon these friends were asking me to read the Bible (this was not a habit with me) and one morning as I was just about to leave for work, I suddenly had an urge to read it,so I flipped open an old New Testament & read the first line my eyes fell upon. “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?”(Acts 9:4). You can imagine my [/font]feelings because I immediately knew my sin. As it was becoming late I left for work & promptly forgot the whole thing. The next morning came, and as I was leaving for work I was reminded to read the Bible, so I flipped it open, and guess what, my eyes fell upon the very same verse, “Saul, Saul, why do u persecute me?” And the Lord did not leave it there because it happened on the third day again. This incident got me thinking. I wanted to know more about this God who was stirring up my life and one night I told Him so (I think that was the most sincere prayer, I ever made). I started reading the Bible & it became so alive that I used to spend hours reading it. The Lord led me to a couple of retreats that changed my life forever. Never before have I experienced His love so powerfully as I did in that month of May 1998. He washed me clean of my sins, removed my heart of stone and put within me a new heart of flesh and anointed me afresh with His Holy Spirit. Never again did I have a desire to go back to the books and music that I indulged in. Mass had a whole new meaning and never again seemed boring and each time I receive the Lord it’s a brand new experience that fills me with joy. It’s true that since May 1998, I have fallen, quite hard at times but the Lord is always there faithful & kind, ready to pick me up and I’m sure that the God who began the good work within me will continue His work until it is finally finished on that day when Jesus Christ comes back again.(Phil: 1:6).[/font]

I am a cradle Catholic, belived it, and practiced it. I experienced a deeper connection in December 1992. I had been mediating as part o my evening prayers on the Holy Face. I also made it a practice to say the Our Father, up to and including the Amen, as perfectly as I could, witrh no words that were just spoken and not fully realized. One december morning I woke with a sense of perfect, enormous and jubilant peace and joy. It was a Hallelujia morning. In fact, the first words out of my mouth were words of praise. ( A first and so far, last time for me.)When I looked at the trees that seemed in the words of Joyce Kilmer to be lifting “their leafy arms in prayer.” I perceived the whole of creation to be an unending worship of God. I felt to the depths of my being that nothing bad could ever happen to me and that God’s will was always being done. I have never lost that feeling. The intensity of the entire experience lessened over the next few months, but it left me profoundly changed. beginning the evening of the next day my family experienced a series of crises, medical and otherwise which I wethered with unbelieveable peace and serenity. It all seemed to be less dire because I knew that underneath it all God was holding us all in His mighty hands and that we had to surrender to His will and trust in His goodness.

Fear and anxiety do not have the same meaning. I still see the world the way I did that morning.

Do you feel The Lord wants you to proclaim what he has shown you? I do. In wisdom the value of the parable leaves it to His Will and teaches me the virtues. "In Him we were also chosen, destined in accord with the purpose of the One who accomplishes all things according to the intention of His Will, so that we might exist for the praise of His glory, we who have first hoped in Christ."Eph 1:11,12 . I feel a real connection with the Spirit at times, and I hope in the full revelation of Jesus Christ, How Awesome is His Majesty. Here’s a letter from another site.


My story is a little different. I was not raised anything really. I had the belief in God, but that was it. I went through grade school and high school with good morals only because of my close relationsip with my parents. I respected them so I never got into anything too bad. This year was my freshman year of college at an out of state university, but I made the choice to be in a substance free dorm. So when I got to school I was pretty much surrounded by good Christians in my dorm. It over whelmed me, I didnt understand why these people were so crazy about God. My friends persuaded me to go tho church with them(Protestant). So I went and I enjoyed it and my faith got deeper, but something was missing. Then a good freind of mine who is a devoted Catholic,asked me to come to Mass with him, I kind of liked him so I agreed to go with him because I just wanted to be around him. But then my reasons began to change. I got more involved with the Catholic ministry and couldn’t not go to Mass. Next year I am entering R.I.C.A. and I can’t wait! It will be amazing to recieve the Eucharist and really be a part of the community!

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