Share your ancestry!

Thought we could share some background on ourselves.

My ancestors on the paternal side are French, Belgian, and Scandinavian. I say Scandinavian because they were from a rural region of Sweden on the border with Norway so likely some mixing going on there.

On the maternal side is English, Irish, German, and black and likely Native American. They were poor whites, likely brought to the country in indentured servitude. I came across a court case involving some relatives, which shows both black and white individuals among the family. And direct ancestors were cited numerous times as ‘mulatto’ on census forms.

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I’m a European mutt. Swedish, English and German on my mother’s side. Swiss, German (Prussian), Russian Jew, Polish and English on my father’s side. My earliest ancestor to come to the US was an English Army surgeon that arrived in 1619 to Jamestown.
I actually live just a few miles from where some ancestors owned farmland here in PA during the American Revolution. A church they belonged to still exists in the same location, but has been rebuilt twice. His land had been subdivided and sold off and some very nice homes stand on that acreage now. We found an old land map that showed the landowners of that time, so we were able to check it out.

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Sicilian in both sides.

Husband is as well.

I did ancestry genetic testing, I’ve got some Greek, Spanish, Cypriot, and possibly Iranian ancestors.

Not surprising.


I did one through National Geographic but it was only ancient ancestry. Lines up with what I know from genealogy files but I’d like to do one through 23 and Me. Not the health one though. I don’t wanna know how I’ll die.

I was adopted at three days old and never knew anything about my genetic history so I was excited when all the DNA testing became available!

I’m mostly British with a little irish and a rather large amount of Neanderthal! Two different tests came back with the same. My husband is still waiting on his…he knows there’s a lot of German and Czech from family records. It’s fun to do!

I skipped the health one, too. I know how my birth parents died and I don’t need to know any risk factors beyond that.


My birthfather is still alive. My birthmother seems to be on her last leg with stomach cancer.

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Gene testing confirmed what I already figured.
75% Irish
15% German
8% “broadly Northern European” and the remaining 2 percent is a bunch of less-than-1-percent unassigned or random European countries.

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My mother’s family is predominantly English, with some Irish, Scottish, and German as well. My father’s family is a mix of German and English, with a bit of Northern European (according to AncestryDNA, Swedish) heritage too.

The DNA test I took also states I have a small amount of Eastern European and Baltic heritage on my father’s side, which came as a surprise to me.

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My birth mother died from Hep C so genetic risk factor there and my birth father died of complications from diabetes as did a birth brother and sister…two other birth brother and sisters do not have diabetes and I’m checked twice yearly for it…so far so good. No cancer in the family and that’s probably the only risk factor I’d want to know about. Otherwise, ignorance is bliss! :joy::joy::joy:

Indeed. Is it wrong I don’t feel bad for her? I was adopted as an infant as well.

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No, it’s not. This is someone that really is a stranger even though you share her DNA. We can’t make ourselves have feelings that have no foundation. I find the information I got about my real family very interesting but nothing beyond that…they are complete strangers to me. I’ve never met any of them face to face and I have no interaction with them now…they are just faces in a few pictures my birth sister sent me. I was excited to see that she and I look very much alike…I’ve never looked like anyone in my adopted family but my adopted family is my real family! That’s where my emotions go.

True. I’ve never seen a picture of her. I’ve met him and he’s nice. She however called me once just to say I was a mistake and she gave me up so what do I want? No feelings for her.

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I had my DNA tested at Ancestry. More than half Irish, a little less that 25 percent Italian and the rest French, Greek and some mishmash of things, lol!

My husband always thought he was mostly Italian and German, with a little Irish, but his majority number was Irish! That was surprising.


Mutt. Scandinavian, Lipan Apache, Shawnee, Sauk, Lakota, French, Roma (Romanichal and Sinti), black, Scottish, Spanish, Jewish, Belgian, some distant Chinese and Mongolian.


Is that where they tested mitochondrial DNA?

Mine is actually strange, it isn’t very common in Sicily, more common in Poland and Ireland. I might have a Celtic ancestor along the way.

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I couldn’t say. I just know they test DNA and health. I’m gonna opt for just the ancestry part. I like being a mystery lol.

Whaaat? Who does that? That was not very nice at all, I am so sorry you had to experience that.


Me too! I have a high amount of Neanderthal genetic markers.


I didn’t even know that could show up! :woozy_face:


It’s okay. I was a product of lust and passion. I feel special.

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