Share your favours


has anybody here received favours through the prayers and intercession of the holy souls in purgatory? quite devoted to praying for them, but i have a huge favour to ask them to pray for and it would be encouraging if others shared their holy souls favour stories


“Heavenly Joy” I share your devotion, and I pray for the Holy Souls every day. I have never received a “favor” that I was aware of, through devotion to the Holy Souls. But I’m certain… that we will know of any graces we might have received, through their intercession one day. And I’m also certain, that any souls we assist… in getting out of Purgatory, once they make it to Heaven… will pray most earnestly, for our intentions.

I hope someone will have a better answer for you. I just wanted to share my own love of the Holy Souls with you. God bless you.

MarieVeronica :slight_smile:


yes i have received severaol favours through the holy souls prayers and intercessions

maybe you may find this link of interest

its great to meet others who are as devoted to helping the holy souls as i am:thumbsup:


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