Share your funny or peculiar dreams

The other night is I dreamt that Rita Moreno was my actual aunt. She was hosting a dinner party to celebrate her engagement to George Chiakiris.

I was supposed to go with my mother and sister. I showed up in a raggedy sweatshirt and sweatpants. My mom and sister were shocked at my appearance and let me know how embarrassing I was.

Anyone else want to share a weird or funny dream they had?

You don’t want to know my nightmares.

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I had one the other day that I had sent roses to the clerk of some court, just to brighten her day and not for any sort of bribery or romantic purposes, and the bailiffs were yelling at me for doing that and telling me it was improper.

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I just had one where I would keep waking up only to realize I was still dreaming after a few minutes. This went on for a couple dozen “dreams” and got to a point that I was questioning if I was dreaming while dreaming. So now I’m sitting downstairs in my living room, all the lights on with a cup of coffee, at 3:00 in the morning, questioning my reality. It’s going to be a long day.


My life has been filled with so many bizarre dreams I could never recount them all. However, there are some recurring ones that have been appearing regularly for years. These I find most interesting as they are extremely vivid and I have a hard time convincing myself they were not real. Details are boring so I won’t go into them other than to say that the two most common have to do with houses out at my inlaws’ farm that everyone forgot were there but which I always discover.

My favorite dreams are the flying ones, also very clear and vivid. Strange in that I am afraid of heights but never in the dreams.

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If I were to share my funny dreams, I’d probably overload the server :slight_smile: .

I’ll give you one from the other night. I dreamt that my ex-girlfriend came back from the convent and we were about to be married. However, in the dream, I believed that there was an old Polish custom that the groom would not attend the Nuptial Mass, just the reception (in real life, that is obviously not the case, but this just adds to the “peculiarness” of it). As I walked away from the church, I heard the bridal processional song “Jesus walked that lonesome valley / He had to walk it by Himself…”

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