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This thread springs out of a discussion on another thread. As not to hijack it, I have started this one.


We were discussing planting from seeds. I am going to try zinnias this year. The deer didn’t seem too interested in them last year, so I have several varieties I hope to try. And some cosmos, which they also don’t eat.

Pics are encouraged!


Screen shots of the seeds I bought:

Lol, look at the date! Hope springs eternal, even in the dead of winter. :blush:


Does foraging for blackberries count as gardening? Because I plan on doing that. Scuppernongs a few months after that. (I have vines that grow wildly in my yard). Nature is my garden.

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What are scuppernongs? :thinking:

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Type of wild grape that grows in parts of the southern United States. You be familiar with the muscadine variety, or rather, the term muscadine.


You should try growing something Adam, I really could seeing you enjoying it. It can be a very rewarding solitary activity. Start small. Get a half wine barrel or the like, and plant something. Nothing too small or it will dry out.

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Well, I’ll get back to you!

I have a wrap around porch in the front of my house. It’s just a strip that follows the porch for about three feet wide and is mostly planted in perennials. Every flower is either purple yellow or white and I’m sticking to it. Over the years, I’ve developed some open areas that need some filling in. Isn’t it always the case that some perennials spread like weeds and you have to keep pruning them back while others last a few years then die off!

I’m not at home at the moment and of the four packets of seeds I bought, the only one I remember for sure is the annual yellow marigolds! :joy:. I think I bought the yellow poppies? I remember debating it…I’ll look later and come back!

We have a small corner garden in the back yard…and I mean small! I usually just plant a couple of potato plants and a cherry tomato with chives along the wall. Off my back porch, we have a fish pond and I’ve been letting my strawberries ramble along against the rocks that surround the pond. Strawberries love to ramble and I love letting them! We live with an open bird preserve behind our back yard so the wildlife usually gets most of the berries…that’s ok with me…I’ll share. :hugs:

We don’t have much problem with deer though I have seen them in the preserve. I think because we have a picket fence bordering our property that our dog likes to…ummm…water…the deer don’t bother jumping the fence. Rabbits, squirrels and raccoons often visit. I had an eucalyptus Bush that rabbits almost destroyed last winter so we placed a border around it…it may recover?

Our homeowners association originally…years ago…required we have three trees on our properties…one must be a flowering tree…so we were cursed with a flowering crabapple in the back yard which is now fully mature and bug infested! It’s beautiful when flowering and a pain in the rear the rest of the time. The squirrels love the apples…my husband hates them so we have an apple chucking contest every august to get rid of a lot of them :yum:. The grandkids love it! Everyone gets a prize…some cheap little toy…usually squirt guns…which starts another fun event !

So, tell me about your garden now and future plans!

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Oh man, traveling to the Carolinas we became WAY familiar with the wines of those little buggers! Nothing like them in Michigan.

Zinnias are easy peasy! Cosmos are one of my fave annuals.
I am on ten acres and love love love my perennials :slight_smile:

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I eat them off the vine (I wash them first, of course), they are really sour, but I do love them.

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Ooh, would love to see some pics!

Only if it is something edible. For apocalyptic scenarios when the closest large city to me has closed almost all businesses (which actually happened), so…

Tomatoes are nice! Order some seeds online if you must.

yucca plants, hardy for michigan

image image


I am thinking home grown food might be good but my yard is small.
I do have some containers but watering becomes an issue.

Still, time to put some spinach in , then we will have tomatoes and peppers and eggplant. Alway mint, basil, rosemary and sage.

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Or put your tomato scraps (that include seeds) right in the ground! Strawberries too, which make for delicious groundcover :slight_smile:

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Waiting for my reliable perennials to come back! I love peonies, and those iris are indestructible! They grow in sun or part shade, and even in the crack of a sidewalk one time.



Do you all like rambling type gardens or are you more along the lines of neat beds for your flowers?

I’m very much a rambler…I don’t care if my iris and lilies are battling it out for space!

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I see two pics…slow load time perhaps?

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Is that you in the pic?

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