Share your vocational journey

I have noticed on the various forums that we seem to have a number of religious here. I was wondering if any of you (us) would like to share a bit about how you came to your community? In other words your vocational journey? Or what steps you took in your discernment process. Perhaps our stories might help someone here in their discernment process. My guess is most of us here on the forums belong to groups “other” than the ones most often mentioned here.

Sister Debbie,O.S.C.
Poor Clare Sisters of Spokane WA

(If this thread is still going on Sunday I will post my own during my allotted computer time)

I have been posting about seminary life on the website linked in my signature (it is an official blog of the lay movement associated with my community).

I really came to my community by the example of a few members of that lay movement who always impressed me. I discovered a vocation to the priesthood listening to John Paul II and immediately thought of the Legion of Christ because of these lay people’s example.

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