Shari'a court consents to destruction of churches in northern Nigeria [CWN]

Three Protestant churches and a pastor’s home were demolished on May 15 and 19 in Kano state in northern Nigeria after a local Shari’a court consented to their destruction."It is …


This kind of thing is setting Nigeria on the road to Civil War, the north is very hardline Muslim and the south extremely fundamentalist Christian, and with their President still hospitalized in Saudi Arabia, well, I think this is going to go from bad to worse

Ah, the religion of tolerance and diversity strikes again!

Arismal is right. Nigeria has had some really bad mass religious violence, and both sides are often to blame.

Kano state is in northern Nigeria, which is overwhelmingly Muslim. Christians comprise about 1% of the population. It must be a tremendous hardship for Christians to live there, as this incident illustrates.

Oh you think that was bad? It get way, WAY worse, they do very bad things to children they think are ‘witches’

Caution: Some parts of this show are very, VERY graphic and distressing

Another Hutu-Tutsi in the making. Yes, the religion of pieces strikes again!

MugenOne, I think you don’t have much knowledge of the situation in Nigeria. The confrontation between Islam and Christianity is fierce. But as Arismal has mentioned, the version of Christianity in Nigeria often takes a form which is several centuries behind the modern Western understanding of Christianity.

As for the comparison with the Hutsi-Tutsi conflict in Rwanda, which resulted in genocide 15 years ago, weren’t both sides nominally Christian?

My mistake. I got confused with Islam with Tutsi-Hutu genocide. Islam is on the rise in Rwanda.

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