Sharia Law. An attempt to derail our judicial system

Sharia law, a harsh and cruel system of laws created by Islamic beliefs in the East is attempting to bring it’s backward sense of justice to this great land of ours. Should we be worrying! Yes. Is it working it’s way into the American courts. Yes. Let us continue to pray that this attempt to override our judicial system be stopped in it’s track. Your insights welcomed.


Sharia is bad, but Americans don’t need to worry.

Actually I thought it should be a cause for worry if eg. a case between a Muslim and a non-muslim is to be heard. I feel the Islamic community will demand the Sharia Law to have jurisdiction and demand the non-Muslim to be judged under their Sharia Law as well.

I would imagine how often the Muslims will use the reason of feeling offended by our non-Muslims women revealing clothes and take them to court under the Sharia Law in future.

But that is just an opinion of mine based on my limited knowledge of the Islamic world.

I have been wondering about this as well. If the SCOTUS rules in favor of the Little Sisters of the Poor, citing religious freedom, what door will be opened for all kinds of religions using their system of laws to justify their actions? We are a country built on Judeo Christian laws/beliefs but it will be interesting to see how the judges rule on other cases.

Agree and there are several cases and not just is high Muslim areas like Dearborn MI but a number in middle America where there are demands to use and follow sharia law.

You mean like how there are already provisions for and usage of Jewish religious laws and courts by Jews in the United States?

The door was already opened by the American Indians in 1978 with the American Indian Religious Freedom Act

I was referring to the ten commandments. Maybe you can elaborate on more Jewish law?

I don’t know if this would apply given the atypical status of Native Americans and tribes in the US legal system and governance.

I like what this Jewish Muslim site has to say ,

*Creeping Shariah is one of the greatest threats to West. The USA, UK, Sweden and Germany are just a handful of the nations to fall victim to this stealth attack. Creeping Shariah is a term used by many on the right to describe what they believe is an attempt by Muslims to take over the legal system of their host country and replace it with an Islamic one.

Examples of “Creeping Shariah” are varied but include the building of mosques in Christian lands, a Muslim family event at Legoland, Halal food options in schools, an awareness of Islamic law within Western legal systems and large scale Muslim immigration.

Is there any truth to the theory? “Creeping shariah” should probably be renamed “Muslim immigration” as almost every known example is just a byproduct of Muslims trying to practice their faith in their host country. This isn’t a phenomena unique to Islam, when Jews came to the UK (or any other nation) they established religious courts to judge communal affairs (batei din), non-Jewish companies began indicating which of their products were kosher (so they could profit from the Jewish community), they built synagogues, etc. is this “creeping kosher” or just Jews being… Jewish? *

correct about worrying about it and my understanding is it’s already playing itself out in America’s courts. Get to know Robert Spenser. You’ll learn quite a bit. Google him.


You can google more info. if you need to.

You do understand that the site is listing “creeping Shariah” as one of ten absurd myths and conspiracy theories right? The site is pretty much saying that your OP is invalid.

I’ll look into It again. I do agree that Shariah does seem to be creeping into our USA legal system but I didn’t realize it’s considered a myth. Thanks for the clarification.

This thread reminds me of the very strange conversation I had with a Baptist colleague who was certain that the various Catholic marriage tribunals in the US were a means of sneaking papal rule into American jurisprudence. :shrug:

clarify. I don’t quite follow you. What site and I can’t find it to be a myth.

The site linked in the comment you replied “Agreed.” to. Scroll down and click the “next” button.

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