Sharia Law, should we in the states worry about it?

Is it something we should worry about or is it a sort of unfair bias against the Muslims?

Should Americans worry about it happening in America? No, I don’t think so. I think Sharia courts in the UK are a step in the wrong direction. I think we should all worry about Nigerians, Kenyans, and basically all of Africa and the middle East. It sucks living under Sharia there.

yes, we should worry about it. In large areas of Muslims, Sharia law is used to justify or get out of many things that are currently and normally illegal such as polygamy, wife and child beating, slavery, forced marriages, child marriages, female circumcision, and a whole host of other things. It is not a matter of being sensitive to the Muslim community. We have one law that should apply to all of us which starts with the constitution of the US and then filters down. A number of states and areas have tried to be preemptive and have laws on the books that no foreign law will be considered in deciding cases (such as Sharia law). Sharia law will be used to shut down free speach because in Sharia law one cannot saw bad things about the Prophet Mohammed. Sharia law will be used to go after those that leave Islam because those that leave under Sharia law are apostate and deserve death. Under sharia law, rape victims can only prove their innocence if there is a male witness to testify that it was rape. Under sharia law, a women’s testimony is only half that of a male. With all of this, you really think we need to be “sensitive” to Islam and consider Sharia Law in cases involving Muslims? I don’t think so. A quick google search will bring up web site which document all of the above.

I don’t think so. No establishment of religion, right? As long as we stick to the tenants of the Constitution I don’t think we’ll have to deal with religious laws. The government just shouldn’t support any certain religion or sort of religious belief. I understand that some Muslims want to instate it, but I don’t know any of them. Most are just waking up, going to work, raising their kids. The ones who want to instate some sort of law are just like the people who say that the law should be based on their church’s beliefs because they say we’re a “Christian nation.” In summary- no, but worry about the crazy people. But every religion has those, so yeah.

I don’t think anyone has to worry about Sharia in the truest sense. Not until the Mahdi comes, but even then, he’ll be an arbiter of justice-- not of oppression. No country that I’m aware of practices the Sharia in its fullness. Each one has corruption in one way or another, as the recent case of Meriam Yahya Ibrahim clearly illustrates. What’s more, the Saudi Government builds massive shopping malls and clocktowers while people in their own backyards starve to death.

It’s a joke really. There is no Islamic state.

With a weak Pres like Obama - yea worry


As long as the mass of the people in the US support the government in each State, and the Governor of those states is the basic commandant of the National Guard, there is no was that Moslems could inflict Sharia Law in the United States. Not even as a result of Armed Rebellion!
In many areas, the authorities would not have to resort to the National Guard or a local irregular militia. The local police, State Police and Sheriff’s Department would be sufficient to overcome even the most radical of such groups.
Any domestic Moslem group that thinks they could bring about Sharia Law in the US is just deluding themselves and/or smoking something funny.

There have been a number of incidences in the court of law in Mi and other areas where there are large Mulsim populations where the plaintifs wanted the court to consider and use sharia law. In some state like Mi, there have been legislative efforts to bann the use of foriegn laws such as Sharia or Islamic law. such efforts are usually met with cries from groups like Cair etc as Islamophobia. Sharia law is incompatible with the Us constitution and our Judeo-Christian basis for our laws. But people and blow this off and silliness until rapist and forced child brides come to your next door, all under the name of tolerance to Sharia law. Likewise your freedom to express your views on Islam is censored because you have insulted Mohammed and now that is illegal.


ROBWAR provides excellent comments in his comments.

Sharia Law is very harsh. Harsh enough that many Muslim countries have not used it fully.

We are in an age where Extremists are using Sharia Law to foment terrorism. We are watching this ISIS effort to take over Iraq.

It is rather naïve to think that if they can impose a Sharia Law state - ISIS - that they will stop and enjoy their way of life and leave the rest of the world alone. Study up on the history of the spread of Islam. And note the parallels.

It has been said before, albeit not lately in the main stream media, that certain leaders in Islam see America as the Great Satan (not without some justification given misuse of Freedom and wanton immoral behavior) and thus a worthy target for Jihad.

As for Sharia Law in America - there are those who are trying to convince American Judges that their case should be tried under Sharia Law. It seems only a matter of time until some smart attorney will get some liberal judge to decide in their favor. After all, Freedom of Religion matters here; just not in Muslim countries. Then our country is on the road to being a two law - incompatible law - country. Divide and conquer works well quite often.

Will Sharia Law actually come into effect in America? Don’t know. But it is Sharia Law that is causing extremists to attack us. Their goal IS to make Sharia Law effective in America for all.

Some 20% of the French population is Muslim. That’s enough to swing most elections.

So it is prudent to study up and let facts enter into your thinking.

This is an impossibility unless the constitution is essentially torn up and rewritten.

I have read similar article.

It seems to me that anything can be brought up before our courts, Even radical liftestyles and win. As you mentioned before, get in a (Sharia leaning) judge in the courts with power and by the way things look, he may be able the change the laws around. I’m not sure how they can do it, since I’m not an attorney, but by the way things look, anything can happen and is happening.

not really, I would want to say yes to this but these sorts of battles are much more localized than one would think and with a media that is usually sympathetic to Islam in the name of tolerance. There definitely have been cases where the plaintiff is be ing charge with things like physical abuse of wife or children, forced child brides, incidences of slavery and they want to get off of these crimes using sharia law because under sharia law, all these things are legal. This includes rape of non-muslim women in a muslim neighborhoods, attacks on Christians and Jews or their religious symbols (like a cross) in Muslim neighborhoods and all these things are legal under Sharia law but not under US law. That is why if you know of any efforts in your State that will exclude the use of foreign laws in deciding these things, then you need to let your voice be heard in support.

You are correct that it is ridiculous.

You are wrong that they can’t.

Just spend a week in Civil Court and a week in Criminal Court, then another week in an Appellate Court… Truth is stranger than fiction…

I have several AUSA friends that have left the Criminal for the Civil only to want to leave the Civil side faster than the Criminal, lol. And that’s only on the Federal level. State level is about 4-5 times as crazy…

Without getting too much into the Constitutional arena, that’s an entirely different beast by itself. The Constitution is pretty much the nastiest of fights and it is highly left for interpretation on freedom rights arenas.

Can you cite an example of this.

We have a separation of church and state. We also have the equal protection clause.

I would love to see an example of a court that said a rape charge was dismissed because of religious grounds.

This is nothing but xenophobic propaganda and nonsense.

According to the constitution and every law in our books of any kind, one’s freedom ends when it negatively impacts another’s. This is why our HHS mandate fights are uphill battles.

But you then want to turn around and say the constitution allows for rape murder etc…

It’s beyond ridiculous and shows complete ignorance of the laws and constitution.


Please, don’t put words in my mouth. I have actively investigated and defended victims of rape, murder, etc for more 17 years.

Trust me, I am not ignorant of the laws and constitution. Neither will I claim to be an expert on all aspects of them - which are vast and very complicated. But what I can tell you comes from 20+ years of experience in our Justice system.

There is a big difference between allowance and the totality of the circumstances. And while something is not explicitly allowed, it is looked as having mitigating circumstances and in some cases the defendant is exonerated.

Try to explain those holes in our laws to the victims and their families…

Then again, I agree with you on the ridiculous.

Are you familiar with precedents and their legal implications? Imagine what the implications could be for the allowance of Sharia Law. Would you agree that Sharia Law would need to be modified to fit our Justice system and human rights principles? Do you think that will happen?

How much more are we, The People, willing to give away for a false sense of security and a false sense of fairness to all?

Yes, I agree with you. It is ridiculous.

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