Sharia law

A Muslim group with organizers linked to the Muslim Brotherhood is praying and lobbying near the Democrat Convention, to fight “Islamaphobia” and to push for the acceptance of Sharia law in the USA. What is Sharia law?

Sharia Law is Islamic law - just throw out our Constitution, our freedom and our rights.


And if there really is a war on women, it is embodied by Sharia Law.


Shariah law is Islamic law. I’ll try to explain in a sec, but first I must put in a word here. There is no way that any serious Muslims want Shariah law implemented in the United States. This must be some sort of fringe Wahhabi (extremist) group. Shariah law can only be implemented in a place where the majority of people are Muslim. Otherwise, it’s pointless.

In Islam, there are two types of religious law - Shariah and Fiqh. Fiqh is personal law. Fiqh describes how to pray, fast, what is a sin and what isn’t, etc.

Shariah is the public law. Shariah allows a government that follows Shariah law to determine public laws, issue punishment, etc. For example, murder can be punished one of three ways. The murderer can be killed or the family of the man murdered can demand diyyah (blood money) to compensate for the loss. If diyyah is payed, the murder faces no more punishment (mind you, the victim gets to decide the amount of diyyah - so don’t think of it as the easy way out). The final way is for the victim to forgive the offender. This actually goes for many victim related crimes. Assault, rape, murder, accidental injury, etc. There is a punishment (death, flogging, etc), or the victim can demand diyyah, or the victim can outright forgive the offender. That’s the basic idea behind Shariah. It goes into a lot more detail, but that’s the basics.

One common misconception about Shariah is that Christians and Jews are persecuted under it. This is false. Under Shariah (true Shariah - not what Saudi Arabia has to say about it), Christians and Jews are protected minorities. They have the right to celebrate their holy days, construct and worship in their churches or synagogues, etc.

But again, any serious Muslim would not desire Shariah to be used in the United States. That’s really silly. This group is a Wahhabi fringe group, most likely. Pay them no attention. They thrive on attention and controversy. If you don’t give it to them, they will eventually stop saying and doing things (9/11 anyone?) for the shock and awe value.

Thank you. There is a terrible misconception that all muslims want the same thing (eg Sharia Law). Most people don’t realize that there are many different “denominations” of Islam, if one can use that term, as there are with christianity. And like ourselves there are extreemist fringe groups that tend to get all the attention. The vast majority of muslims don’t asscribe to the radical views of such groups.

Is there a Muslim country where the Christians and Jews are protected & thrive?

Well, Christians in Egypt were protected… until the “Arab Spring”.



Also, please remember that Charles Manson speaks as much for Christianity as modern extremists do for Islam and Shariah.

I am sure you are sincere, and I have no reason to doubt what you say. Considering what has happened in Islamic majority countires in recent years, “Pay them no attention” honestly comes to my ears as a reason to be wary.

“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”


If they pay an annual fine.

Nor do they have the same rights as muslims.

Not being persecuted is not the same as being equal under the law.


Half of the Christians and Jews have fled recently.

Before the Islamic revolution in Iran there were over 75,000 Jews. Now there are most 40,000, and likely only 11,000.

By contrast the USA has 100,000 Iranian Jews.

That’s true. What I meant was, don’t give them the attention they want. They’re like little children that act out for attention.

You are correct. Hence the reason why no serious Muslim wants it in the United States. Only in Muslim majority countries. After all, Israel vastly persecutes Muslims. But it’s “okay” because it’s a Jewish country. Sharia is “okay” in a Muslim country. Just not here.

Awesome. I would leave too. But the fact is they have rights and they aren’t persecuted. It may not be “equal rights”, but it’s better than Saudi Arabia where Jews and Christians are killed on principle. It’s better than Israel where Muslims are killed on principle.

Arabs in Israel have more democratic rights than Arabs in Arabic countries.

I thought we were talking about Islamic countries, not Arab countries. :confused:

And, as of now, there is no “true” Islamic country. The closest is Iran. Most other “Islamic” countries are actually Wahhabi countries. (Wahhabi = Osama bin Laden extremist). Wahhabism is Saudi Arabia’s official religion, for the record.

Jordan! I taught english as a second language there for 3 years after college.

:thu: Exactly.

I must say that personally that I would prefer to see some areas of CIVIL law covered by sharia law for those who wish to do so, such as a sharia-compliant divorce or a properly sharia-managed bank. This would not infringe on the criminal law of any country and would only be for those who WANT to use them.

Some countries (UK) have Shariah compliant banks, but I’m not sure if there are any here in the USA. Sharia banking is not exactly . . . profitable, considering the lack of riba. But nonetheless, I’m sure it’s an option.

Like I said: Arabic countries.

I’m not trying to fight with you.

But there is an agenda behind sharia law and pushing it in the West and it is financed by the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia.

So they aren’t just local fringe groups.

We shouldn’t rise to the bait, nor should we shut them up. Let them speak so that all can hear their distorted bile.

However, we shouldn’t give them credence either.

They call it Halal in Canada probably to avoid the negative connotations.

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