'Sharia police' are not illegal, rules German court



Great idea, now it’s completely legal to rape people and beat up your wife and kids. This country is finished. Just tack it on to the other screw ups that Germany has been involved with, like the two World Wars.


I think that this is a very disappointing ruling. What are they going to do if these Shariah Police decide to try to turn various places in Germany into mini Islamic theocracies? Or perhaps they are already doing that?


Except, of course, the charge against them had absolutely nothing to do with rape or family beatings, it had to do with vests.


Yes, the headline is quite misleading. On the other hand if I were a bar owner I’d be very annoyed by people coming around telling people not to drink whether they were Salafists or LDS.


please don’t let what is happening in Germany and other parts of Europe happen here.


I firmly agree but, if you’re not careful, you’ll run into the quagmire of freedom of speech issues.

I think we have to assume that there wasn’t what, in the UK, would be a ‘behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace’ situation otherwise the case wouldn’t have centred on the German nervousness about groups in coloured shirts.


Aren’t there a bunch of religious curiosities that troll funerals and so on in the USA?


Exactly. To those who are upset by this ruling, please read the whole article. It was only about the uniforms. The behaviour of those wearing the vests was what we would call “freedom of speech”. No one said anything about exercising force.


Except once the principle that a para-governmental police force has some level of authority, what is to prevent the expansion of that authority – especially in an area where the “political correctness” mindset has such a successful track record?


The was absolutely no recognition of any authority on the part of those wearing the vests. In fact, if you read the article, you will see there is already a law in Germany restricting the use of uniforms that give the appearance of military authority. The court found that these particular vests did not meet that criteria. It was no big deal.


However using the situation to write headlines that can be turned into extensions of the endless, ‘the Muslims is coming , circle the wagons boys and lock up your daughters’ is of course much more fun For a certain value of fun at least anyway. I shall now venture out later in the supposedly no-go area of London in which I live. If I do not post again for a day or two once can assume that I have been beheaded by a local scimitar wielding Jihadi. Or perhaps more prosaically I might be just a bit busy. These articles are a lot like that, they take tempest in a teapot local situations and milk them at times by using headlines that creatively manage to tell the truth and lie at the same time.


You are thinking of the Westboro Baptist folks, they accuse a lot of people of being gay, that is what all their protests are geared towards, ive never heard any of them speak about anything else. As far as I know all they do is protest.


They visit other countries regularly to inform members of that nation how God hates them due to been gay been legal in that nation. They visited my own country a few year back and got roasted as they did not understand the local humour. Especially as the word they use for gay is also slang for cigarettes there and in the UK. They had people coming up to them constantly asking why God hated cigaretres and was there reference for it in the Bible and saying yes they agreed with them and pretending not to know they meant homosexual. They also chose an area of Dublin where a load of gay people deliberately kept walking past them holding hands or hugging and waving hello to them. Can’t say I feel any sympathy for the WBC in any way, especially given their extreme anti-Catholic outlooks.


That is funny, Ive never heard WBC speak about anything other than the gay thing, never say anything about other aspects of christianity, abortion, faith, etc? they always talk about homosexuality. Makes me wonder if they are truly a church and not just a group of protesters masquerading as christians.

Its also curious how they have accused certain people of being gay when it was clearly not true, the person was obviously a straight hetero person, but they still call them gay…Im not sure why they do this, do they think everyone is gay? LOL


a small insignificant group. not very active.


Which is, basically, what this bunch of Muslim guys are doing, in vests.

If they were doing more than that they’d be arrested for doing more than that.


Just wear a tshirt that says “Sharia Police Internal Affairs” on the back and some high rank “general” or something on the front next time you go drinking, gambling and listening to music. Heck, wear one that says “Anti-BS Interpol” and “Mo H. Amed” on the front while you sip a beer


I think WBC probably believes everyone who is not “them” are what Colin Firth’s character Harry in “Kingsmen” referred to himself at the little church before leaving: “I’m a Catholic whore currently enjoying congress out of wedlock with my black Jewish boyfriend who works at the military abortion clinic. So hail (won’t post its name here), and have a lovely afternoon madam.”

Come to think of it, the writers probably envisioned WBC when they wrote that.


The WBC folks do not realize how stupid they look when they keep screaming that so and so is gay, when they were clearly straight.

But didnt that old saying go something like " those that are most vocal about protesting homosexuality usually are fighting this demon themselves".


This is basically the same as praying outside an abortion clinic. They are expressing their views without enforcing them; the only issue is the vests which did not mislead anyone according to the report.

So anyone who is criticising these guys better never have attempted to evangelise, unless you want to be accused of being a hypocrite.

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