Sharing conversion with family - tips?

About 6 months ago, I decided to pursue RCIA after nearly a year of asking questions and learning about the Catholic Church. I’ll be starting RCIA this year, but I still haven’t come up with a way to share my decision with my family.

My siblings and I were raised mainly as non-denom Christians, though we briefly attended an Episcopalian church. My mom was raised Catholic, but she chose to marry outside of the Church and was received into the Episcopalian church.

I strongly doubt that my decision will be received with hostility…I don’t have to worry about being kicked out of the house or anything like that. But I haven’t been able to come up with a good way to bring this up in conversation. Realistically, I don’t need** to tell them until I get engaged or baptize my first child…but I’d rather tell them sooner than later.

Any thoughts? Tips? Personal stories? It’s all appreciated!

How old are you?, do you live at home still?

Try gathering your family together and just Tell Them how excited you are to be starting RCIA at your parish. Let them know you have been praying on this for quite some time and feel that this is where God is calling you to be.:thumbsup:

Please don’t wait till the day before the Easter Vigil before letting them know:rolleyes: , that actually happened in my parish one year.

No doubt your family may have questions as to why you chose this path which is a GOOD thing if not done in anger. The more questions they have, the more you have to study your new faith, the more you will come to know that you are truly Home.:thumbsup: Maybe even your DM might be moved in attending some RCIA classes with you:D

Any way or time you choose to tell your family, always remember to Pray First and ask God to put the right words into your mouth and heart.

Welcome Home and enjoy your RCIA experience, I know I did.:slight_smile:

It’s an interesting situation. I’m a college student, so I live at school for most of the year. I’ll actually be studying abroad for the fall semester, so I’m doing most of my studies via correspondence with a priest at school, and I’ll join up with the class once I return to campus in January. It isn’t the most ideal situation, but I’m optimistic that things will work out.

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