Sharing Good News -- Officially an ex-Mormon


I am celebrating today because my name was removed from the LDS Church’s member records, meaning I am Mormon no more!

I haven’t identified as LDS in a decade and I have been Catholic for about a year and a half now, but still, I feel liberated. I no longer have to worry about being a plural wife in the next life. :smiley:

If you are curious about the name removal process, I have posted all of my documents here:

I am curious to hear what Catholics and others think of the name removal process.

Congratulations, good news indeed! Especially finding your way home to Christ’s Church; it seems like most of the ex-Mormons become atheists.

What happened along the way, both in regard to leaving the CoJCoLDS and becoming Catholic?

Very interesting. I find it strange that leaving their church would render your baptism and gift of the holy ghost invalid.

Are there any Christian denominations this stringent when a member leaves?

That’s lovely!!

Accept my late welcome to the Church Jesus founded! :slight_smile:


I’m very happy for you. You have good reason to celebrate! I looked over the documents. I think it was good of them to remove you expediently like they did, and not give you a bunch of flak about it. If you were Muslim, they might have killed you.

What would be the repercussions (if any) of leaving your name on the roster? Can they marry you off to some polygamist in the afterlife against your wishes?

Very happy for you, but there’s a little part of me that feels sorry for their loss. It must be hard to get letters like that, especially since a lot of them would be coming from atheists. At least you “only” became Catholic :wink:

Anyway, welcome home.

I remember when I resigned, almost 20 years ago. :slight_smile:
It was empowering to make such a statement. It’s my understanding that more and more are leaving, many resigning, many not. But still, many leaving.

Praying for all of you. :slight_smile:

Very Happy for You! May God keep you close throughout your life. :clapping::angel1:

Can you share what it was that led you into the Catholic Church?

Congratulations. I officially resigned this year as well.

The LDS baptism isn’t valid to begin with so it doesn’t really matter. I don’t think there are many Christian religions this stringent with regards to leaving their church. I know for me I just kind stopped being a member of my protestant church. When the new church directory was printed I wasn’t in it (they print a new one every few years). Pretty simple.

IMOH I feel Christian churches are far more charitable of people leaving than non-Christian churches such as the LDS.

Welcome to the True Church that Jesus founded. God bless you. Once Baptized a Catholic, it will never be revoked from you. Baptism leaves a permanent mark.on your soul.

Though the revocation of your Baptism and blessings associated with it seems harsh, I believe the people who wrote to you seemed very kind and were concerned for your well-being

Congratulations! That is great news!

I’m very happy for you and I’d like to extend a belated welcome as well as other posters. I’ll keep you and all others converting or reverting in my prayers.

Thank you all!

A few folks have asked me to share why I became Catholic/why I am not an atheist.

Many (most?) ex-Mormons become atheists/agnostics. This is an excellent blog post (the first of five) about how the LDS Church prepares its members for atheism. I think it is very accurate.

When I started to fall away from Mormonism as an adolescent, I became an agnostic. I was definitely not an atheist, I just truly did not know if there was a God. I was skeptical of other religions. It seemed like all of them were false but some had the luxury of being older than Mormonism and therefore less easy to disprove. I was very stuck on the idea of knowing rather than believing. It’s understandable if you have experienced a testimony meeting at an LDS Church. Indeed, I am very empathetic toward atheistic and agnostic people.

I was agnostic up until about three years ago. About four years ago I started dating my now husband who is a cradle Catholic. Things began to get more serious and I decided I should learn a little about Catholicism. Being born and raised LDS in east side Salt Lake City, I knew practically nothing. I bought “Catholicism for Dummies” and it was really helpful but a lot of it went over my head. So I ended up finding a parish that was starting inquiry the following week.

I slowly fell in love. I had to “unlearn” Mormonism and learn Christianity. It was difficult but intellectually and spiritually stimulating. I love the depth of Catholicism and how there are so many beautiful ways to live one’s faith. There is so much to learn and new ways to think about particulars of Catholicism. True questioning is welcome, disagreements are welcome, the Catholic faith is simply welcoming.

My husband was very standoffish when it came to me learning about the faith. He was so neutral about it that at times I thought he didn’t even care. It wasn’t until the Holy Thursday before the Easter Vigil when I was baptized that he finally said, “I am so excited that you are becoming Catholic!”

Everything about converting to Catholicism was no pressure and very open. When I read about the tactics LDS missionaries use to convert people, I cringe. All the good, bad, confusing, and bizarre facts about the Catholic Church and her history were laid out in front of us. The rationale was that we needed to know what family we were joining when we jumped in that font. It was so unlike Mormonism.

In hindsight, I feel like Catholicism has always been in my life in quiet and surprising ways. I especially think that St. Francis of Assisi, my confirmation saint, has prayed for me for a long time. When I was 10 years old, and still active in the Church, I took a little money to a bead store and bought an olive wood cross. I loved the symbol. Every time I wear my olive wood tau from Assisi, I think back on what I must have known deep down in my heart as a little girl. Maybe that’s silly but I think it is pretty incredible.

I am curious about this as well.

mama goose - thanks for sharing your story! I am not surprised that you became Catholic with St Francis praying for you! :thumbsup:

I am so worried that with all of the news coming about Joseph Smith that many Mormons will become atheists.

mamagoose, thank you for posting your story and Welcome Home.

and thank you so much for this link:

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