Sharing my inheritance

Just joined the board here today. I wanted to share with everyone on here some teachings that my father has spent his whole adult life putting together, as a Catholic and as an inner city teacher in the public school system of Philadelphia. He has been speaking on a Catholic radio program out of Philadelphia for the past 10 years and has put all of his programs on a website.

My father, Joe Reilly, is now 75 years old and has left me a living inheritance that is greater than any amount of money can compare to. His only wish is that I share it with as many people as possible. He is not looking for donations but like minded individuals to spread the word of God, all of his talks are free with no strings attached.

Here are but a few bullet points as to what is on the site:

Taking Jesus out of the confines of the “religious box” and reveal His role in all parts of life, history, society, and creation.

Show how the human mind, as a reflection of the Trinity, spawned civilization, government, science and technology and how these are stepping stones as we move towards God’s Kingdom through the Logos or Jesus within us all.

Explain what sin is; it’s relationship to salvation and how deviations from God’s natural laws create chaos and disorder in our lives and society and delay the coming of the Kingdom.

Create a Catholic paradigm that suggests effective steps that we can take in establishing the Kingdom of God on earth.

The website is below. You can listen to them directly off of the website or download them all. It is under “the sounds of the Jubilee”

Thank you and God Bless!

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