Sharing my positive experience at the OB/GYN


I know many women here have complained about comments they’ve gotten from their OB/GYNs regarding questioning their birth control use… so, on the flipside, I want to share my very positive experience at my annual appointment this morning! :slight_smile:

My doctor is probably in his mid-60s, not NFP-only, but overall a pretty gentle person. I’ve actually only seen him 2-3 times over the past 7 years I’ve gone to their office (mostly saw the Nurse Practitioners or Midwives over the years)… and I was a little disappointed for this visit because I heard that recently all the Midwives had left. :frowning: Not sure why… but anyway that was my perspective going into the appointment…

When he first came in he looked through my chart, asked about my kids, and in flipping through my chart (because it’s mentioned in there), asked “Still using Natural Family Planning?” and I said, “Oh yeah, it’s working out just perfectly for us.” No other questions asked. Actually, he went on to ask if we wanted more kids! I said, “Yeah, hopefully - eventually - right now we’re waiting a bit”.
Then he continued to chat and mentioned that his own daughter has 3 kids and is a bit jealous of her own girlfriends, some of whom are pregnant with their 4th, but her husband feels done with 3. Then he gave me a “reading list” (it’s his shtick - he must be an avid reader - he gives a list of a few books to all his patients just for fun)… and that was it!

So, I left with an awesome feeling - and now I feel totally fine that the midwives aren’t there anymore - I should have been seeing this guy all along! :thumbsup:

Anyway - so there’s a little positive experience for your Monday morning! :slight_smile:


Yay for good experiences at the OB/GYN! I love mine, it’s a positive experience everytime we go. :smiley: He’s never once pushed ABC (or even brought it up) or guilting us about not wanting any of the screening done, and was uber happy for us when we learned we were pregnant with this baby. :thumbsup:


That’s good to hear:thumbsup: I like mine too! He’s a man, and I always felt uncomfortable seeing a man, but he is great.

I wish he would have been able to deliver the baby, but he wasn’t affiliated to that hospital.



I love my OB, too. She’s trained in NFP herself, and has attended the Physicians’ Conferences/Workshops for NFP. Whenever the assistants see me, the first question they ask on the way to the exam room is, “So, have you got your period yet, or are you still exclusively breastfeeding?” :thumbsup: I love it. And she looks at my charts when estimating a due date. Very cool.

We all had a conversation about nursing addicts once (my doc said her daughter was a complete addict, like my daughter), and the conversation turned to the taste of breastmilk and how sweet it is, so no wonder our kids are addicted to it. Yes, my doc and I have tasted our own milk. :cool: And we each thought we were really weird before we met someone else who had done it, too. We may still be weird, but at least we’re not alone.

My OB also saved my birth canal and my life… How can you not love someone who has given that gift?


Good for you! After my DD was born at my post partum check up they asked what kind of birth control I wanted to go on and I told them I use NFP. The doctor looked at me like I was from another planet, wrote me a prescription for birth control pills and told me if I didn’t want to use them I could just throw it away. After DS was born it was a completely different experience. At that post partum check up when I told them I’ll be using NFP the midwife said that she was a really big fan of that method and I felt so relieved that I didn’t have to explain myself to someone or have bc pushed on me. So I understand how you felt with your doctor.


Sounds great, Emily! I got your response to my “ovarian cyst posts.” No NFP ob/gyns in houston. I wish! If you find some something different, let me know. My OB-GYN is nice, but very secular-traditional. I just wish I had more in common with him.


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