Shark Tank

Anyone watch the show “Shark Tank”? I really enjoy it. I like the banter among the sharks and contestants and the business talk as well.

Yeah, it’s one of those guilty pleasures. :o

I don’t necessarily make it a point to watch it every week, but it is interesting to me to see how people turn ideas into profitable businesses.

Love it!

I watch it. It can be pretty interesting what people come up with.

ahh, Mr. Wonderful is hilarious… :slight_smile:

My wife and I really like it, probably because our son started a business several years ago. (Successful, whoo-hoo!) The company (USA Staffing Services) makes it possible for small employment agencies to place temporary workers. He was very patient explaining the ins and out of being an entrepreneur to his social worker and Catholic writer parents.

Yes, my husband even DVRs it.
We try to play along and see who will make a bid, who’s bid the inventor should take, etc.

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