Shaving One's Head


Last week, my Beloved, who has fought manfully against the loss of his hair for the past 30 years, finally had enough and gave up his gel, hairspray and hysteria and


He had never gone the route of hairpieces or plugs (the good Lord be praised!) but he used all kinds of shampoos and took “hair” vitamins and all manner of nonsense.

I say: Halleluiah!

Anybody (shavers or spouses of same) have reflections on the adjustment process? DH is overal positive but still kind of shaky.


I LOVE the shaved look on men. I think it is highly attractive. Even the bald look is a great. It’s a pity that men don’t typically see it that way also because it is quite attractive.

Good for him.


I am going to make an attempt at this with my brother after Christmas. Sadly, I am 26 and starting to run pretty thin on top. I’m nervous about doing it, but I figure I ought to see what I’m going to eventually look like.


Agreed. When he went to the barber, the barber would only give him a short buzz, claiming that the bald look presented too much risk of abrasion, cuts, and infection. So my husband went on the 'net, found out everything he could about products and techniques and wielded the fearsome razor himself.

I’m his numero uno fan!

Here’s the upshot.

My husband has had a beard since age 18. When he shaved his head, he reduced it from a full beard to a Van Dyke. When we appeared in church yesterday, he had to go in and sit by himself because I was lined up for the procession (I’m a reader). One of the EMHC’s turned to me and whispered: “Your husband looks different. Did he grow a beard?”


Did you not read my post? It’s a fabulous look!!! You’ll be on fire! :thumbsup:


There are some great web sites out there about this.

Many young men have to confront this. My daughter had a high school boyfriend who was losing his hair at 17. It’s a real heartbreak for a lot of guys but those who DEAL with it and don’t mess around with wigs and surgery end up the best.

The horror stories about hair transplant will make you lose whatever hair you have left. What happens is that after the surgery, the hair keeps receding, often exposing the scars where the plugs were taken out and leaving dots of hair-islands where they were implanted. GROSS!


I lost all my hair when I was going through chemo. It never grew back as thick. I was thinning to begin with, so it wasn’t a surprise. I sometimes use a mach 3 razor in the summer, but usually use clippers with a 1/4 inch attachment all around. I have light colored hair, so I pass for the bald look.:smiley:


I’m glad you are here to tell the story! :slight_smile:


Me too , Thank God.


Good for him.

I inherited good hair genes through my mother’s line, but if I ever started losing it through chemo or for some other reason, I’d do the same thing, even tho I don’t think I look good bald. My nick during AF basic was Lightbulb :smiley:



I shave my head. Tell him to shave his head in the shower. The hot water makes it easy to do with soap and you get no razor burn on your head. (looks much better). Let him know that after a while with a little practice it only takes a few minutes at most. Gillette Mach three style razors are the best.



Thanks! You affirm what he already found out from his Internet search. It’s good to know that there is widespread agreement on the basics. He did a GREAT job on his first attempt. No nicks. No abrasion. No bumps!


I endorse the shaved/bald look 100% - never met a guy with toupee/plugs/etc who wouldn’t have looked better without - shaved, clippered or au naturel.


remind him to be carefully outdoors…wouldnt want him buring his head


Because this thread was started by a person that I know is a female, I thought perhaps Mercy gate had shaved her own head. Glad to know that you haven’t, though.:stuck_out_tongue:


I am 25 and when I started running thin I shaved it and haven’t looked back since! :smiley: I actually quite like it! :thumbsup:


I’m hopin’ DH will take the same route. What a relief!


December 26 my brother and I will be taking it all off. I figure I should wait until after the holidays in case it looks bad. Plus it makes for a “bonding experience” for me and him when he comes back from college.


I also highly recommend the HeadBlade…it makes shaving one’s head a breeze!


I’ll pass that on. He’s had great success with the Gillette Mach 3 Turbo but he has his eye on the Headblade. Besides, my daughter’s boyfriend knows the guy who invented it. Does that constitute a recommendation?

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