She threw her doll away

The woman who was to become Mother Marie Chappuis, at an early age, received a beautiful doll from her uncle, and asked it, “Who created you?” Upon receiving no answer, she said, "It has no soul: it can neither know, love, nor serve God: I will have nothing to do with it.

The doll was despised

Read the amazing story of the little girl who became a superior of a Visitation monastery of sisters:

Did she get a time out?:smiley:

A rather precocious, ungrateful child, wasn’t she?:confused:

One wonders how her life’s path might have been different had she been given a “Chatty Kathy” doll instead.

Obviously she still had something to learn about the second command that Jesus spoke of, “loving others”. That was extremely uncharitable to her unfortunate uncle, but becoming holy doesn’t usually happen overnight.

Yes, it proves that even spoiled, precocious children can grow up to be Holy!

I love all these comments! But I rather think the OP meant us to admire the child’s ‘holiness’.

I hope she didn’t say that to her uncle’s face!

I know: it’s kinda funny!

Just like Stoke City!:smiley:


I don’t think the child was very holy if she was ungrateful and unappreciative of her uncle’s gift! What a brat!

Didn’t Christ say something about, “Whoever does not give up mother, or father or brother for Me is not worthy of Me”?

You could say the same thing about the young Jesus Christ who let his family worry about him for three days while he hob-knobbed with the elite at the temple. He did not seem at all concerned about whether they would miss him. Yet Mary kept this strange behaviour which is quite uncharacteristic for a twelve year old close to her heart as a portent of future events.

You could say the same thing about Mother Marie Chappuis who showed an uncharacteristic detachment from physical things at an early age. She strove from a young age to imitate our Lord finding enjoyment in his will rather than the things of this life. As our Lord turned his back on status and possessions saying “The Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head”.

No doubt the Uncle would have pondered this unusual behaviour of his neice and kept it close to his heart as did Mother Mary with regards to Jesus.

I heard a priest say at 13, most Jewish young men were considered men, so 12 really wasn’t that young. They were more mature then. We live in an Orthodox Jewish neightborhood and their children are always doing things before most their age.

When I saw “Late Nite Catechism” I remember a funny line the nun said while talking about our Holy Mother. She said you don’t want to mess with her…she’s loving and stern. Poor Jesus kept her and Joseph looking for 3 days, he was chastised and then had the longest time-out in history, he was 30 before we heard from him again!: Don’t mess with your Mom : )

She said it better, but it was funny at the time.

I think that was rude also, re the doll, no regard to the intention but kids can be that way. I was lucky to have chidren that just seemed to know not too to impolite. Not perfect, but always polite. For that I feel blessed.

There is enough scrupulosity encouraged by people in these forums that no more need be. People who were good Catholics but weren’t scrupulous before can become scrupulous and scared of everything because of what some people post here.
How to make a child scared to receive gifts because it might be yet another offence against God! Whatever made her holy, it wasn’t deliberate offence to others

The child’s behavior was rude and ungrateful. Instead of insulting her uncle she could have quietly given it to another child after keeping it a respectable time. She could have politely and courteously, and with a gentle smile and kind voice asked that she was content not to have gifts at some later date.

There is no reason why it is bad to receive gifts. A doll is certainly not a bad gift. Did Mary and Joseph throw back the gifts in the face of the Wise men?

In Jesus’ Last Judgment revelation in Matthew He said that being kind to others is being kind to Him, and that was the basis on which He judges we get into heaven, read Matthew chapter 25 verses 31 to 46

There’s a difference between detachment and rudeness. Also, there is no basis whatsoever to believe that a young Jersus did not have a favorite tool or toy which in no way would have been inappropriate to either his divinity or humanity.

There is no question that rudeness is inappropriate. However you cannot know whethe the Uncle perceived his niece as being rude or whether he perceived her being remarkably spiritual and detached from physical things of this life.

It seems that you are imposing your biases upon the story. In the example I gave it could be interpreted as rude when the young Christ child answered his parents back saying “Did you not know I would be in my father’s house”. How would Joseph have felt? Many would regard this as rude. Also Jesus addressing his mother as “Woman”. Many people also perceive that as rudeness.

My understanding is that in Aramaic the “Woman” form of address has a very different connotation - a far more respectful one - than it does in English. And I would never accuse Jesus of having been rude.

That is true…“Woman” was not rude then at all.

I never said that it was rude. I never said that you thought it was rude. I never said that it was rude in Aramaic. I said that some people incorrectly perceive it as being rude, to illustrate the point that you may be incorrectly perceiving that the niece was being rude to her Uncle.

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