She wanted to become a sister, but her parents refused

Years ago in Peru, a young woman whose beauty attracted suitors nevertheless wanted to enter religious life. Her parents simply did not accept this.
Anyone have parents who don't accept their piety? This saint is the patron saint of those who are misunderstood for their piety.
Learn what she did in response to this in a way that she was obedient to her parents and yet faithfully followed God's call, at


That's awesome! Thank you for sharing this!


I love St. Rose of Lima! It's her feast day next week on August 23rd. I'm going to have to make something in her honor like a cake or something. :)


Well, my mother's an avowed atheist, so she has a hard time accepting my belief in God and my desire for a fulfilling spiritual life. She doesn't outright say anything open or hostile about my faith (usually), but I can tell it takes her some effort of will not to put God, religion or the Church down in my presence.

My dad once told me that he would support anything I wanted to do - except if I ever became a nun, something which I did look into several years ago.

I wouldn't say that I'm misunderstood for my faith.

But I'm definitely humoured. :rolleyes::shrug:


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