She (yes, she) tells why she became a Catholic priest



Just another article written by the liberal media romanticizing the plight of “women’s rights” in the Church. :mad:

She’s not a roman catholic priest no matter how many times she says it, no matter how many times she puts that title out there in print.

What interests me is that part about her Roman Catholic family being supportive of her move, having attended the ‘ordination’…there are so many threads under Family Life which address whether or not family members should attend gay marriage ceremonies and such, well, this article raises the bar on that question: Should her family have attended the event?

The other question raised is whether or not she has excommunicated herself from Roman Catholicism. Several points in the article flag that for me:

**Have you heard from the Roman Catholic hierarchy?
**The community I belong to hasn’t felt anything from the bishop, but local Roman Catholic pastors have warned their congregations not to attend [ECC churches].

**The Ecumenical Catholic Communion doesn’t think it’s a sin for people to be gay, right?
**As far as moral teaching goes, we stress the primacy of conscience. It’s important for people to form a moral conscience with the help of a church and a faithful community. Ultimately God helps us with our conscience to make moral decisions. Homosexuality is not inherently sinful. Love in all of its forms can be for the glory of God.

**Is there anything else you wish people knew?
**It’s important to me that people see that I did what the men do who prepare for the priesthood. I took that traditional path. I got my master’s of divinity. I was a deacon for 10 months. I just wish more Catholics who find themselves alienated from the church could find a church home. If the ECC could be that church home for them, I’d be so excited for them.

That last one, isn’t that a big ‘no-no’? Intentionally leading people away from Catholicism? Aren’t we looking at heresy, apostacy and blasphemy here??

If so, then why doesn’t the USCCB and/or Rome issue a statement against this ECC???

Blah, blah, blah . . . it’s all noise.

Somewhere deep inside, she knows she’s not a priest.


She was ordained somethin’ but it sure wasn’t a Catholic priest!! :whacky:

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Maybe I’ve just got the giggles today, but truly, I laughed til my sides hurt when I read the article. They just don’t get it, do they?

It wasn’t so much her I had a problem with, it’s obvious she’s a kook. “Homosexuality is not inherently sinful. Love in all of its forms can be for the glory of God.” Oh please excuse me while I puke all over myself.

I had a problem with the way the article was written…seemed like the writer wanted the readers to know that there are “sane” Catholics out there.

So much of this is terribly wrong, but it was this little gem that really caught my eye. Nothing says fair and honest reporting like “Cheap Shot!”

“The Church does not see itself able to ordain women, following the long and constant teaching of the church,” says Sister Mary Ann Walsh, a spokeswoman for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. (It does, however, recognize the more than 100 already married men who became priests after a conversion to Roman Catholicism.)

Sam, the Neon Orange Knight

Since her husband is a member of the wonderful United Church of Christ (isn’t that right?), that allows for women pastors, gays, and lesbians, I wonder that she didn’t become a minister of that church? Oh right, that wouldn’t be interesting enough and she wouldn’t get all those pretty vestaments from grandma! Sheesh!

How about this red flag:

In the Ecumenical Catholic Communion we no longer claim that we’re underneath the authority of the pope.

Horse’s mouth …

Well since according to newsweek even if the church says that don’t acknowledge them as priest that they can continue to be called Roman Catholic Priest…I would like to declare that i am now Queen of America!

This should have been another warning sign…EX-PRIEST is needing his soul refreshed at a ECC parish???Danger will robinsion, Danger…

**How many people are in your congregation?
**We have 80 registered members. And we have a number of people who come who are also part of the Roman Catholic churches but who come to worship with us as a place to refresh their souls—a lot of Catholic sisters and ex-priests

Ecumenical Catholic Communion, a group of churches that decline to recognize the authority of the pope but see themselves nevertheless as Roman Catholic


[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Saints Clare & Francis, a breakaway parish in Webster Groves.


So they officially say they are a “breakaway” parish? And they don’t recognize the authority of our dear Holy Father? Not to mention the whole ordaining women issue. The gay and lesbian issue as well… So exactly, how can they maintain they are Roman Catholic? Oh that’s right; they have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to traditional Catholicism! A bit of schism, and a large dose of heresy anyone?

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]When I was in seminary, I found the Ecumenical Catholic Communion. It resonated with the sacraments I grew up with, and I knew this was the place I was called.


Just because something resonates with you, doesn’t mean it’s real. :slight_smile:

I took that traditional path.

Actually, the traditional path would have been to stay in the Church, and lived by her teachings, not those of a fallen away, heretical sect…

I was a deacon for 10 months.

Aww, how cute. She even played deacon for a few months… :stuck_out_tongue:
I once pretended I could control the weather when I was little. And somehow the storms just kept coming… Hmmm…

Ok, I’ll stop now. It’s been a very difficult day at work, and I needed something to be sarcastic at. This fit the bill. :slight_smile:

In all seriousness though, my prayers are with this young lady, that she may one day return to Christ’s True Church…

God Bless,


PS: I just realized that was my 250th! Hey, I’m a senior member now! And it only took two years. Woohoo! :smiley:

I had my friend crown me Queen of England. I’m a man but that does not matter at all. If that woman thinks she is a priest I can play that game too. ALL BOW TO ME… I AM THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND. Nobody in England can tell me any different. If any body wants to be a knight, I will gladly knight them.

And I am Emperor of continental Europe!

I think she was speaking in some unknown “tongues” which is out of my range, but I understand yours… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

hehe…and I’m Barbara Bush …:rotfl:

She’s about at progressive and off the rails as you can get when it comes to so-called “women priests”. The first thought that came to mind is this: what a waste of all that training she did in preparation. Sadly misguided…she needs our prayers.

:frowning: Did she really get a master of divinity?
The Roman Catholic Church does not alienate people, people alienate themselves. We really must pray for these people :gopray:

I read this today and was just…almost amused in a sad way. I was like…wow, way to distort the truth just because you “want” to. Its amazing what we can convince ourselves of just because we want to…whew. wow. Prayers for her.


look guys.
Its easy for you, especially as “right-minded catholic gentlemen”, to giggle and make a joke of this whole thing. But I think you should reconsider the laughing. Ridicule does not take care of this problem.
I live in a country where my Catholic parish priest openly declared that he is pro-women priests. Also the lutheran state church here has women pastors (some of them very good and conservative protestants who claim they have had vocations… and having heard many testimonies from both protestants and pentecostals, all very serious christians, it is incresingly difficult to say it is an impossibility that God could in fact call a woman to be a minister within these denominations). However the state church as a whole is morally falling apart… what started out as a pretty conservative church has today pastors living in gay marriages - marriages blessed by other pastors, in the churches, as “real marriages”… and a lot of pastors are even pro-abortion. No wonder there is a heavy spirit of lethargy and dryness over this country.
My point is is this: the whole secular world has an idea of a certain “freedom” that they think involve both female priests and homosexual priests. This is a very dominant and strong tendency in our time, this idea of “freedom”… and they often work with the Bible in hand.
What I am then suggesting is that we dont just giggle but we take these people serious. They are not all stupid and unlearned people, and it is eventually our own propblem if we dont take them seriously, try to listen to their better arguments, test these and disprove them. from the beginning the Catholic Church apologests have existed to deal with absurd questions, taken as serious threats… It starts with not laughing at the other…
So we better get to work…

These people can discern their ‘vocation’ to the priesthood all they want, but the bottom line is they are not interpreting the ‘calling’ correctly if they take it to mean they are to go against the magesterium.

If I understand your appeal, you’re asking that we address these peoples’ concerns head on to attempt to disprove them. The thing is we can’t succeed that way because, as you noted, these are educated and devoted people, misguided, but devoted nonetheless. Because they are convinced they are responding to a Higher Being (Spirit, God), nothing we do or say will convince them otherwise. They actually expect persecution from everyone else and proudly stand firm in their ways.

All we can do is pray for them, that the Spirit actually gets through to them this time to show them the errors of their ways. This is the Spirit’s realm, not man’s. Our job is to pray.

We laugh amongst ourselves because the situation is so sad. It is absolutely frightening that a person can go so far out in left field and still believe they are being led by God to do so. That secular media takes them seriously is laughable, though, sad, yes. I suppose we could write to that newspaper to set them straight but it won’t result in the paper doing a followup up story.

What do you propose we do in this ‘work’?

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