She (yes, she) tells why she became a Catholic priest

What do I suggest we do?:rolleyes:

well, of course as in all things God is the sole source of grace and the only one to turn to in order to really open peoples eyes. So we need prayer… we all do… often the “right-minded” even as much…
anyway I live in the wulves-nest as I have already said. I live in the most secular of secular societies… and believe me: NO one is giggling here. The media and the whole society is ridiculing the Catholic Chuch and its quite alright in the media to hold the Church and the Pope responsible for AIDS, unequality, child-molestation and a lot of other bad stuff.
The Church where I am is a minority Church and it is very week… to tell you the truth many of its members fall away because there is no real teaching or preaching in our own ranks. The pentecostals have success in this country and I am happy for them because the people need the gospel from enthusiastic people and if the catholic Church does not evangelize some other church has to do it… (in contrast to mainstream liberal protestantism the pentecstal church at least is very serious with the Bible.)
This means that I have a lot of protestant and pentecostal friends and I am humbled by them often and we have an open dialogue because we love each other and also have this big outer enemy which is secularism and atheism. And they ask me questions once in a while… And I have found that the question about authority is the most important question. in other words you cannot start by telling them that women priests is wrong… they will just give you some bible quotations to prove their own point. So we have to start at a more basic level even so it is about sola scriptura and Church authority… and ask them counter questions… always in humilty and with love. If we have no true humility and love, we cannot teach them anything. Its my honest experience that we all have lots to learn from one another… but we must be clear and honest also.

one last thing: i beg we differ between a female priest and a female protestant pastor… thats two very different things mainly because of the alter and sacraments in the catholic church…

But there are no bible quotations to prove women were priests in the early church, so I’d be inclined to let them search for them. That would be the starting point of the discussion…when they don’t find the scriptural support it immediately reinforces the fact that the Church has not gone against scripture in its policy. This chips away at their belief that ‘men’ made up the rules without the guidance of the Spirit. From there we help them understand the authority of the church is in good Spiritual hands which is why we can confidently trust the magesterium.

one last thing: i beg we differ between a female priest and a female protestant pastor… thats two very different things mainly because of the alter and sacraments in the catholic church…


I’m sorry you’re in the hotbed of a weak church. You and your community will remain in my prayers that a good and faithful shepherd be sent to your parish soon.

I am Queen…wait…change that…KING of America!!! Do you want a repeat of 1776???

To borrow a phrase from my teenage daughter OMG!!!:eek:

You know, I was going on and on in other threads about the lack of women my age (23) taking part in this nonsense.
I am now even more disappointed in my generation.

Congratulations on your infanticipation Stratus Rose and like you I say “sigh” another liberal.:shrug:

Regarding some of the comments about homosexuality made in this thread.

Just a note of caution.

The Church does not teach that homosexual tendencies or attractions are inherently sinful, but instead that they are intrinsically disordered. The Church does teach that homosexual acts are sinful and are sins against chastity, just like sex before marriage, using birth control, viewing pornography, masturbating, adultery etc. I’m not on this woman’s side or anything like that but there were a few comments made about homosexuality and I personally have known homosexual men and women who live a celibate life and are devout, practicing Catholics. Let’s not alienate them.

For more, check out paragraphs 2357-2359 of the Catechism.

Well said Pete… well said indeed.

Praised be Jesus.

It’s nothing more than a whole b*ttload of GARBAGE!

She simply doesn’t understand her dignity as a woman… Eh, go ahead let her be a priest… her sacraments won’t amount to anything.

Raises hand eagerly

Can I be the first pregnant knight, Your Majesty???

Seriously, though, the way the article was written really bothered me, too. I’d like to second Stratus’ opinion on the article: It was like the media was “refreshed” to be hearing about this “sane” and “wonderful” self-proclaimed “Catholic” church. I came away from the article feeling like I was being sneered at… Like, “So, what’s your excuse for not being this kind of ‘rational Catholic’?”

It really is heartbreaking.

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This article got one thing right - try reading the title “Women Explains Choice to Be Catholic Priest”. There is no calling there. It is a choice - she can NEVER be a priest though.

Also the bit about Jesus never refusing anyone from coming to eat w/ him - what was that bit about eating this bread unworthily and damnation?


Living in ST. Louis, I have seen that seminary but never knew what it was. The college near it (Webster University, in walking distance) is VERY liberal, so it doesn’t surprise me that this would take place in that same small area. My sis in law went to that college (not the seminary, they aren’t associated, just right by eachother) and she came out of that college WAY more liberal than I can explain. And she wasn’t like that before. But whenever I would take my kids to swim lessons over that way, you would see strange stuff, because people would walk all in that area or ride bikes. Crazy, I tell ya!!

Yes, and I believe I’m the governer of Ohio. Ted Strickland just thinks he is. Lets see, which law should I pass first?

Another bunch of lunatics who think “The Magesterium is just kidding”

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Can’t you zap them or banish them or something? Or at least, duct tape their mouths so WE don’t have to listen to their nonsense?

Can’t find good emperors these days…

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