Sheep and Goats?


Inside the Catholic Church there are sheep and goats, on the last day Jesus will seperate the sheep from the goats, the sheep on the right and the goats on the left.

Lets say we all agreed with this statement, do we know who the sheep are, and can we determine who the goats are?

Now I am a sinner, but I agree with all of the doctrines and teachings of the Church and trust in the Church that she will lead me in the right direction, even when I am stubborn in my own ways.

Are the goats inside our Church the ones that will pubicly and privately not follow our doctrines, for example if they see nothing wrong in an abortion? Or any other strong doctrine that the Church inforces but they say well I disagree?


The goats are the ones that are not living according to God’s Will. They are the unrepentant ones. The ones that go about their lives with the attitude that if they are not fully living according to God’s Will God will ‘understand’. The one’s sitting on the fence so to speak. On some days they are serving Christ and on other days they are serving Satan.


since it is Jesus Christ who will do the judging and do the separating, I guess we will have to leave it to him and stop trying to second guess him.


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