Sheikh Tantawi, Egypt's Top Cleric Dies Aged 81

Sheikh Tantawi, Egypt’s Top Cleric Dies Aged 81

“Egypt’s foremost Muslim cleric, Sheikh Mohammed Sayed Tantawi, has died, aged 81, while on a trip to Saudi Arabia. Sheikh Tantawi was the Grand Imam of the al-Azhar mosque and head of the al-Azhar University, Sunni Islam’s centre of learning and scholarship.”

From Allah we come; to Allah we return.


Benedict XVI Sends Condolences for Death of Egyptian Skeikh

The Pope remembered the Grand Imam and Sheikh of al-Azhar University, Dr. Muhammad Sayyed Tantawi, after his death on Wednesday. Sheikh Tantawi was instrumental maintaining relations between the Catholic Church and the Muslim world and was the head of the highest Islamic religious authority in Egypt, the al-Azhar.

I hope that he is able to find peace from suffering in the next life. He was a good man who spoke out for the right things. Too many people spotlight the fundamentalists of this religion, completely skipping over great men such as the Sheikh.

The people of Quebec can take heart in the fact that he too opposed the wearing of the niqab in schools. He considered such a custom as being non-Islamic.

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