Shell in Court over Alleged Role in Nigeria Executions

Shell in Court over Alleged Role in Nigeria Executions

“Lawyers in New York will allege that Shell actively subsidised a campaign of terror by security forces in the Niger Delta and attempted to influence the trial that led to Saro-Wiwa’s execution. The lawsuit alleges that the company attempted to bribe two witnesses in his trial to testify against him. Members of Saro-Wiwa’s family will take the stand for the first time to give their version of events, among them his brother Owens, who will allege that Brian Anderson, managing director of Shell’s Nigerian subsidiary, told him: “It would not be impossible to get charges dropped if protests were called off.” Anderson is fighting the action.”

That multinationals work in concert with corrupt local governments to abuse indigenous peoples in their exploitation of resources is well documented. Is there an additional point to be made by your post?

You seem to be saying: " Ho hum, more of the same. No big deal."

I think this is an important case. That multinational corporations subsidize terror campaigns shouldn’t be tolerated. I’m glad that the US is providing a hearing for these allegations.

On the contrary. It is an extremely big deal. I was merely trying to understand the OP’s frame of reference.

Regrettably, the U.S. has not always been squeaky-clean regarding the treatment of indigenous peoples where natural resources have been involved.

Shell Settles Nigeria Deaths Case

Royal Dutch Shell has agreed a $15.5m (£9.7m) out-of-court settlement in a case accusing it of complicity in human rights abuses in Nigeria…

The case alleged that Shell was complicit in murder, torture and other abuses by Nigeria’s former military government against campaigners in the oil-rich Niger Delta.

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