Shelling near U.N. shelter draws strong condemnation from U.N., U.S


Washington issues statement calling strike on U.N.-run shelter in Gaza appalling after shelling kills at least 9.


Has anyone heard any condemnations of Hamas’s targeting civilians in Israel, or firing rockets from close to or amid busy civilian areas, etc?

Just wondrin’…


I have not. Only when it’s their skin on the line.

Radical Islam, Russian and China are having a field day with the First World.



One must note that in most of the world Hamas is considered a terrorist group, whilst Israel is accorded full status (With exception to Bolivia and Palestine) as a nation.


This is from a month ago, but it was the first hit I got with a web search. There likely are additional ones.

The United States condemned rocket fire by Hamas militants into Israel and said it was concerned for civilians on both sides after Israeli strikes on Gaza killed 17 people Tuesday.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest also urged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to keep a diplomatic channel open with Palestinians to resolve the crisis sparked by the murders of three Israeli teenagers and a Palestinian youth.

“We strongly condemn the continuing rocket fire into Israel and the deliberate targeting of civilians by terrorist organizations in Gaza,” Earnest said.

The spokesman also backed the Jewish state’s right to respond to the attacks.


Who cares what the UN thinks?


The arab refugees has a specific agency in the UN that caters to their need, the UNRWA. They recieved billions of tax dollars and donations worldwide.

The UN has an agency exclusive for Israel. UNAIC or the United Nation Anti-Israel Commision, aka United Nation General Assembly. They have resolution after resolution that is against Israel.

The UN is a biased, one sided organization. They love to condemn Israel.

I have accepted the fact, we will not hear anything against hamas from this “diplomats”. And if we do hear something it is next to an acceptable “pleasantry”.

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