Sheriff: 19-year-old man found caged in michigan


PARIS TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) – Authorities have arrested a man and woman after finding a 19-year-old autistic man locked in a caged bed in Michigan.

Huron County Sheriff Kelly J. Hanson says a deputy answering a civil dispute call Oct. 20 found him in a bedroom at a home in Paris Township, 90 miles north of Detroit. Investigators say the cage’s door was chained shut.

Hanson says deputies arrested a 65-year-old female and a 66-year-old male resident of the house Monday evening. They’re jailed awaiting arraignment on unlawful imprisonment and vulnerable adult abuse charges.


I seem to recall several similarly horrifying news stories which also occurred in Michigan.:shrug:


Is it worse that dreck like this is happening, or that I’m beginning to not be as offended by dreck like this?

Because I can think of at least three episodes of domestic bondage that have occurred in our times and have brutally and drastically effected the victims.

First one that comes to mind is Genie.

Then there was that Austrian psychopath, Josef Fritzl.

And of course those three women found after being held captive for ten years.

And now this.

Alright, I get it already. The human race is capable of any kind of sick, twisted stupid horrible sins. I get why the Romans killed the Christians. I get why Moslems have killed Christians. I get why Christians have killed Moslems, pagans, all the rest.

But what the hell is wrong with people who imprison innocents? It’s just as bad as - well, any crime against a child.


What an affront to human dignity!


I am going to withhold judgement until there is more known about this case. I remember a case several years ago where a foster care couple or adoptive parents of a few autistic children had enclosed the beds of the children because the children wandered around so much at night.

If the 19yo was locked in there all the time, that would be evil, but if the call occurred in the middle of the night, it may have been for just this reason.


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