Sheriff: Charges expected in 'balloon boy' case

CNN) — Authorities in Colorado say criminal charges are expected to be filed in the case involving a storm-chasing Fort Collins father whose giant Mylar balloon ascended into the sky earlier this week — sparking fears that his 6-year-old was aboard.

“We anticipate criminal charges will be filed sometime in the near future,” Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden told CNN.

Larimer County Sheriff Alderden says charges in balloon boy case will likely be misdemeanors, meaning no one will be arrested.

Sheriff drawing up search warrants:

Can’t they just send the family a bill for the resources used?

Don’t know the local laws, but they may have to be found guilty of submitting a false 911 report first.

I would like to see the sheriff deliver the warrant in a cardboard box.

Why are they pressing charges? I must have missed something.

A former employee turned him in, saying that Heene had been planning some sort of stunt like this in order to get interest in a reality show starring the family.

The article is interesting but be warned there is a lot of foul language in the comments.

Bulletin – colorado sheriff: Balloon boy story was publicity stunt for tv show.

So, I guess these paren’t have no problem with exploiting their own child, teching him to lie to an entire nation and local authorities? They get the “****** parent of the year award.”

i feel sorry for the children who have been exploited in this. especially falcon. the rest of his life he will be known as “balloon boy”.

i heard that the parents met in acting school in hollywood and the sheriff said they put on a good performance.

what a hoax! i think there should be charges filed. the dad wanted publicity and he got what he asked for!

On the local Ft Collins radio morning talk show callers are demanding that the children be removed from the family. Seems like a bit of overkill to me BUT some of the charges filed are felonies.

my good friend lives in ft. collins. on top of “balloon boy” story they also have the ex-wife of halderman (the man who was trying to extort money from dave letterman) who lives in their town. i am sure they don’t like all of the negative publicity.

i haven’t heard any current news today. were charges filed? have the parents turned themselves in? this must be traumatic for the kids, but i am not sure if they need to be removed from the family. it was not good though to encourage the kids to lie to go along with this hoax. teaching your kids to be dishonest is not a good thing.

KCOL had a manager from Child Protective Services on and she said if they removed children from parents who lie or ecouraged their kids to lie they would been overwhelmed!

Actually I’m more than a little surprised they didn’t put the child in the balloon before turning it loose.

one of the things that tipped the Sherrif off that it was a hoax was the fact that the balloon could not have held a 6 year old. The sherrif said the father would have had to have known this since he built it.

yes, i think the bottom part was made of cardboard and held together by string and duct tape. so it probably wasn’t sturdy enough to hold the boy during lift off let alone during the flight.

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