Sheriff praises Soldier On inmates for stopping assault on officer

CBS 6 Albany, NY:

Sheriff praises Soldier On inmates for stopping assault on officer

ALBANY - Craig Apple from the Albany County Sheriffs says a 41 year old man is facing assault charges, accused of assaulting an officer.The officer was supervising a group of inmates participating in a Soldier On Program when, according to police, 41 year old Drew Crowley kicked the officer in the chest, then attempted to assault the officer.
Sheriff Apple says Crowley was not a participant in the Soldier On Program and was only in the area of their housing unit to make a phone call, which police say he became irate after that call.
Crowley was charged with Assault in the Second Degree and arraigned in the Town of Colonie Court and was remanded back to the Albany County Correctional Facility in lieu of $15,000 bail.

The article leaves out most of the details so it’s better to watch the video report.

I am not surprised. Jail populations have more decent people than dangerous people, especially once they are free from drugs and alcohol.

Here is a different news article, which explains a bit more what happened.

Inmates rescued a jail guard when another prisoner attacked the guard Tuesday, Sheriff Craig Apple said.

“Not one, not two, but every inmate in the tier responded to help my officer,” Apple said Thursday.

Inmate Drew J. Crowley, 41, of Schenectady is facing second-degree assault and felony criminal mischief charges after repeatedly punching and kicking an officer in the ribs, Apple said. Crowley was allegedly upset by a phone call before the assault.

The incident occurred on the “Soldier On” tier of the jail, which houses inmates who are military veterans.

“They get treated a little bit better because they act better,” Apple said. The men participate in counseling and programming sessions.

Crowley, who is not housed in that wing, was allowed onto the tier to make a phone call. When he pinned Officer Matthew Richmond to the ground, “Soldier On” inmates pulled him off and held Crowley until other officers arrived.

The article says the inmate kicked the guard in the chest and then attempted to assault him. Doesn’t kicking someone in the chest count as an assault anymore? :confused:

LOL, I was thinking the same thing

Perhaps they mean “attempted to further assault him”.

I took a summer job working under the Dept of Corrections once. Most convicts have made mistakes but do want to get their life back together, not inherently evil.

What I did notice is many of them have anger management issues. Even the guy in this story received some bad news and just exploded on the people around him.

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