Sheriffs opt to free suspected undocumented immigrants



ICE isn’t exactly the easiest agency to work with. The are the “VA” of law enforcement. Back when they were INS during the Bush Administration, they received such bad press that they had to have a shake, which in typical federal fashion, involved keeping all the same people and rearranging initials.


Firstly, I am uncertain how this pertains to the faith.

Secondly, sheriffs are not enforcers of Federal Law. The sheriff has no obligation to investigate the immigration status of anybody, and without either clear probable cause or a Federal warrant, have no obligation to detain anybody for immigration matters. Immigration is a serious matter, but it must be handled appropriately.


ICE has a difficult and unending job and is beset with the gravest of public scrutiny.
We in Australia had a terrible problem with illegal immigrants coming uninvited by the boatload from Indonesia.
We put the navy in control, allowed no press coverage of operational issues and no boats have arrived for the last six months.
If you put hand cuffs on your law enforcement officers who may fear litigation then there will be a natural reluctance to be too harsh.
We don’t know what our navy does to turn back the boats. All we know is that there are six submarines up north and even with a torpedo costing one million dollars each, their methods are working.
Give your people some leeway and your Mexican boarders for one, will be safer.


The head of the ICE agent union has been saying that the Obama administration has hindered law enforcement and inflates the number of deportations.

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