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Is anyone a fan of Sir Arthur Doyle’s original stories of Sherlock Holmes? I simply love reading his stories. They are so good and well written. I still find myself opening up my book and rereading these stories. Any favorites?

I find Watson to be a much more likable character, to be honest. I think Holmes would drive me insane.

YES! I love every one of Holmes’ adventures so much. I have to say, I much prefer Holmes to Watson, because Holmes is so entertaining with his sharp wit and overinflated ego. :smiley: By the way, I love “The Adventure of the Dying Detective” and “The Valley of Fear”.

For sure!
I love all the stories, great work.

I never read the books, but I love the old movies with Basil Rathbone.

I never read the books, but I love the old movies with Basil Rathbone.

I likewise have never finished reading any of the books(I have Hound of the Baskervilles, but never finished), but I love the 80’s to 90’s television series with Jeremy Brett!

… and also the “modernised” television series with Benedict Cumberbatch(even though there’s only 6 episodes or so)!

I was a very lucky girl. When I was a child my bio father read me Tolkien, Conan Doyle, Jules Verne, HG Wells… I grew up reading this stuff.

My ex-husband is a big fan of the same and so my older two children are huge, huge Sherlock fans, in any medium! :slight_smile:

I’ve been a Sherlock Holmes fan ever since I first read “The Adventure of the Speckled Band” in my freshman year high school literature text book. In the old movies, Basil Rathbone was the perfect Holmes, but it’s a shame that they depicted Dr. Watson to be such a doofus in them.

I love Sherlock Holmes - great stuff! I also really like the modern movie interpretation with Robert Downey, Jr.

Any other fans of Jeremy Brett?

or Benedict Cumberbatch?

Or am I the only one?

P.S. Robert Downey Jr is NOT Sherlock Holmes… he might be a dang fine Tony Stark(in 3 great movies so far!), but he’s no Sherlock!!!

Jeremy Brett certainly looks the part and did a fantastic job. But I stand by Robert Downey Jr.'s Sherlock as easily one of my favorites.

If it makes you feel better, my teenaged son agrees. He is very indignent (“It’s like an American playing the Doctor or James Bond!!!”). He as seen the two new Holmes movies, but out of curiosity and complained the whole time. :wink:

I’m hard-pressed to have a favorite Holmes, but Brett is up there. I tend to prefer the more classic interpretations. The second season of the Cumberbatch series I absolutely didn’t care for, much to my daughter’s chagrin. I loved the first season. :shrug:

Also, I really do like the way they portray Holmes’s amazing perception in the Robert Downey Jr. movies. Really takes you inside his mind.

Check out the first two Rathbone films Hound of the Baskervilles and Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Watson is not the fool he is in the later films.

Basil Rathbone is the best!!!
Nigel Bruce was great to.:slight_smile:

Love Benedict Cumberbatch! Cool and cocky. RDJ is okay, different take.

You must read the original stories. You’ll be so surprised how witty and exciting they are.

I’ll have to do that.:slight_smile:

I could sit here all night and talk about Holmes.

I love the original stories. I’ve read the canon many many dozens of times over the years. I first read the entire canon in its entirety when I was in college, during one of the Christmas breaks. I was working, and I brought the huge books along and read them during my breaks and lunch.

One of my life time dreams is to study the canon and develop enough expertise to pass the examinations and be admitted into one of the selective Sherlock Holmes societies. Sigh. Not enough time, I fear.

I read my first Sherlock Holmes Doyle story when I was in 6th grade. It was “The Red Headed League”, and I was hooked from then on. I would still say that this is one of my favorite stories. It really showcases Holmes deduction abilities.

But without a doubt, my favorite story is the top favorite Holmes story of all according to numerous polls and surveys–“A Scandal in Bohemia.” Irene Adler is almost as wonderful a character as Sherlock Holmes, and she only has one story to be wonderful in! It is my opinion that many of the great female literary, television, and film characters are in some way based on the character, Irene Adler. An example would be Emma Peel of The Avengers, (the 1960s British TV series) who is beautiful, brilliant, accomplished, physically fit, and utterly without fear. Mrs. Peel shares all these characteristics with Irene Adler.

I also like the story “The Illustrious Client.” The character of Kitty Winter is excellent.

Mrs. Doyle’s favorite story was “Silver Blaze”, and I do like this story, mainly because of the famous line about the “dog in the night.” Lots of demonstrations of Holmes’ abilities in this story.

I like “The Blue Carbuncle” because it’s a Christmas story, and any Christmas story set in England in Victorian times is great reading. I think many Americans, including me, harbor a fantasy about a Dickensonian Christmas set in Merrie Olde Englande!

My favorite Holmes novel (Doyle-written) is The Valley of Fear. I haven’t seen any film or TV adaptations of this novel, but I think that the character of Birdy Edwards is like an American Sherlock Holmes. I wish that a screenplay writer would make a good adaptation of this story and then go on to do sequels about Birdy Edwards, although I think that once the events in Valley of Fear were completed, his detective career probably ended. So the stories would have to be “pre” Valley of Fear.

But I like ALL the short novels.

Although this thread is about the canon, I will add that I love the Jeremy Brett adaptations and have watched them almost as many times as I have read the stories. They are so true to the originals, but the ones that are changed for television (e.g., “The Noble Bachelor”) are well-done.

I also love the Cumberbatch/Freeman television series–my daughter was home visiting a few months ago, and we all sat and watched them again for several nights–wonderful! Even better the second time around, and I’m sure I will watch them many more times in my lifetime. They are so reverent to the canon.

I despise the Robert Downey versions so much that I won’t say anything else for fear that I will transgress the rules of charity on this forum. Actually, I’ve only seen the first Downey Holmes movie, and it would take thousands of tax-free dollars contributed to my bank account to get me to ever attempt to watch the second one.

I am a major fan of the Laurie R. King novels, in which Holmes, in his older years, meets and falls in love with Mary Russell, who is his equal in intellect. The first novel in the series is The Bee Keeper’s Apprentice. I heartily recommend these award-winning novels, especially to female Holmes fans (which I am!).

I also love the Nicholas Meyer novels, The Seven-Percent Solution and The West End Horror. (I think there’s a third novel, but I haven’t read it. If you haven’t read them, go get them and read them. The Seven-Percent Solution was made into an excellent and fun movie, with Nicol WIlliamson as a very pleasant Holmes, the great character actor Robert Duvall as a marvelous Watson, and one of my very favorite actors of all time, Alan Arkin, as Sigmund Freud. It’s a rollicking adventure movie that is entertaining even for people who don’t care for Holmes.

I LOVE the Disney pastiche of Holmes, The Great Mouse Detective!

I’ve only seen a few of the Basil Rathbone/Nigel Bruce movies, but I hate what they did to the character of Watson.

Holmes and Watson forever! I’m so glad that they’re fictional so they will never die!

I’ve only read a few of the Sherlock Holmes stories so far, but my current favorite is The Hound of the Baskervilles.

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