Shias stand firm against the bombers

You need to read this article. But I warn you it is violent. If you are squemish, you have been warned.

But you need to understand what they are going through over there.

Another good article from the Guardian:

Shias stand firm against the bombers

Here is how the article ends (this part is not violent):

Political ascendancy might seem an abstract comfort to Shias who have been killed while buying bread, queuing outside government buildings or, of course, worshipping.

Yet the community is not cowed. Emboldened by the 30 January election, when most Shias voted despite fears of attacks, men, women and children this week packed mosques for Ashura.

Individual bombers inflict less damage than before. Every day Shia mosques add to their panoply of sentries, razor wire, bollards and blast-proof walls. The strategy is not to prevent detonation, but induce it prematurely.

And the terror on the face of Friday’s bomber might have been the knowledge that another mission had failed.

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