Shifting Public Views on Legal Immigration Into the U.S


From a recent Pew survey: 79% percent of Democrats/ LeanD favor continuing immigration at current levels or higher.

What do you think the corresponding number is for Republicans/ Lean R?

Look here for the answer:


I think the increase cited is for legal immigration.

I have supported increased legal immigration for decades. I believe the U.S. should at least aim for a population double what it is now, as I believe the U.S. is underpopulated relative to its space and resources. I would prefer a system that gives preference to the countries where the population thinks well of the U.S. Among those would be Poland, Vietnam (no kidding), Italy, Ghana, and most definitely the Philippines.

Still higher preference among those with high favorability ratings would be those that are allied to the U.S.


This opinion is held by a strong majority of Republicans/lean: 61 % .
Interest in decreasing immigration is a decidedly minority opinion.
Of potential interest on this topic is today’s story of chain immigration within the Trump family.


I’m not impressed with chain immigration except in the cases of legitimate spouses and natural, minor children. I would otherwise like to see each immigrant qualify on his/her own, and on rational bases. That would include Melania Trump’s family.

I’m even less impressed with the lottery.

I’ll add this. AT one time, Filipinos were considered U.S. nationals, and they had a special preference that as near as I can tell, was unlimited. That changed. If immigration policy was up to me, I would allow Filipinos who could support themselves to come here and get green cards for the asking.


The Family reunification act is very limited in scope. Usually parents children and siblings can be sponsored.

It normally takes a number of years. More than 5.

People getting nervous about “chain migration” is puzzling. No one knew about it to complain.

I feel most people know very littke about how immigration works. Discussions about how “my ancestors came here legally” lead no where. I know my great grandfather just had to get processed at Ellis island. My great grandmother ended up with a misspelled last name.




Although I am in favor of increased legal immigration, I found this story to be “interesting” given the way our president is constantly beating the drum against “chain migration.” I guess his family wouldn’t be subject to this policy.


And aside from parents and minor children, there are tight quotas on the number of people who can be sponsored. There is wait of ~20 years sponsored siblings from Mexico or Philippines,


I do know of an almost 20 year wait for a brother to sponsor his professor sister from Italy.


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