Shock at Pope Benedict Retiriing

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I am REALLY surprised and kind of sad. That being said, does anyone think that Cardinal Dolan has any shot at being the next Pope?

I hope! But, it’s up to the Holy Spirit. We shall wait and see. Whoever, it is I will be happy! :slight_smile:


I know I am a minority on this but I think Pope Benedict was a stellar leader of the Church and right for the times. He is a world class thinker, deeply spiritual, and fully aware of the corrosive effects of relativism on Western civilization.

As we are most certainly going to be hearing a lot of conspiracy theories about power plays and discussions about how he was not up to the task in the shadow of JPII, but I think it important to remember that they never get coverage of the Vatican right and never like this Pope. In Pope Benedict, Pope John Paul II had a peer.

I wish I could share in the positive view of Cardinal Dolan but I am not among those who thinks he stepped up to the plate like he could have. How about Cardinal Arinze or Burke?

I think he’ll come from Africa or Asia.

A shot, yes. Technically any Catholic male has ‘a shot’. But for +Dolan, it would be a long shot

That said, I think I’ll send in my resume. I’m very good a Pontificating, just ask my wife :cool:

No. I don’t even think Cardinal Burke … who might be the most likely American.

What I wonder is if there will be a conclave or if Benedict can name his successor. I think there may be precedent for that.

Benedict called his choice “a decision of great importance for the life of the church.”

Indeed, the move allows the Vatican to hold a conclave before Easter to elect a new pope, since the traditional mourning time that would follow the death of a pope doesn’t have to be observed.

It will also allow Benedict to hold great sway over the choice of his successor. He has already hand-picked the bulk of the College of Cardinals — the princes of the church who will elect the next pope — to guarantee his conservative legacy and ensure an orthodox future for the church.

There are several papal contenders in the wings, but no obvious front-runner — the same situation when Benedict was elected pontiff in 2005 after the death of Pope John Paul II.

Apparently, according to this article … it’s a bit of both! A conclave with Benedict THERE or nearby as an advisor? THIS is something we haven’t seen before.

I really don’t think the Bishops who had been elevated to Cardnail by Benedict will let that influnce them in their vote. Cardnails are prohibited from being in the Conclave after the age of 80.

In his announcement, Pope Benedict seemed to make clear that he will stand down at the end of the month and clear out - leaving the Seat of Peter vacant for the Conclave. The way he stated it, it seems that he will neither be Pope nor participant when the selection occurs.

By definition, if there is a Conclave, there is no Pope. As far as being a participant, under the current law, he could not, as only Cardinals who are below that age of 80 are eligible as Electors.

BUT, he could change that law to allow himself a voice, but I seriously doubt he would do that.

Most likely, he will hide himself way, perhaps in a monestary, or perhaps with his brother. He might write a book or two, if he is up to it.

Didn’t I hear or read someplace that when Pope Benedict steps down on the 28th that he’s going to his summer home?

You did.

I have a gut feeling about Dolan, so I’ll say there’s a shot. But it’s just a feeling. The suspense is going to be killing me. God willing, I’ll be accepted into the Church at Easter Vigil. That’s exciting and overwhelming enough. Now I’m sad that it won’t be under Benedict XVI, but a bit excited about finding out who the new Pope will be.

Don’t forget the Americas. :):getholy::knight1:

Thanks for the link.

already in Catholic News

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