Shock: British Teens Have as Many as Seven Abortions

Shock: British Teens Have as Many as Seven Abortions

London, England – New figured from the British government show hundreds of teenagers in the U.K. are having multiple taxpayer-funded abortions with three who had several government-funded abortions before their 20th birthday.

1 in 3 women procuring abortion in 2010 in the UK were doing it again. Ouch!

Some use abortion as their chosen method of birth control.

Others who are on artificial birth control which has let them down always have this option.

I hear this from my 20yo niece who is at university and knows a girl at her uni who is her age who has had two abortions from one night stands. She is on the pill which obviously did not work, the abortion was recommended by her Doctor.

Ugh man.

Is this really a shock though? Really? Europe is looking more and more like my porcelain throne every day :frowning:

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