Shock: Prominent Feminist Admits “Abortion is Murder” but “I Am a Firm Supporter” |

Shock: Prominent Feminist Admits “Abortion is Murder” but “I Am a Firm Supporter” |

A friend of mine, a father, was speaking with two of his girls 6 & 5. The conversation started when the girls saw a picture of the President and they exclaimed excitedly, ‘Barack Obama. I like Barack Obama’.

The father interrupted, ‘he is not a person to be liked. He (his policies) kills children in their mothers’ ‘stomach’.

The father recounted to me that the girls were shocked when they heard this. The father then asked them, ‘If you were killed in your mother’s stomach, what would have happened to you?’

One answered, ‘We would have been dead’.

The other, ‘Our life would never have begun’.

Later on that day, when they were in the car to some place - it seems that their little minds were still processing this new information - they said (or similar wording), ‘Barack Obama has kids, why is he doing that to other (people’s) kids?’

That is why it is difficult for them to have an excuse…

This is several years old. Has no prominent feminist done anything to shock since?

Your point?

I guess there is an expectation that social media like CAF is current, and that people bringing up historical events will find a way to make it relevant today. Otherwise people will be posting links to statements by Gnostic heretics and saying they are “shocked”. :slight_smile:

Despicable and wrong, but at least honest. I wonder when Bush and Rumsfeld will admit they were mass murderers for the people of Iraq. One day they will. Either here on earth where they will still have the chance to repent, or when they face Jesus on Judgement Day- when that option will no longer be available. Same goes for Camille.

The father interrupted, ‘he is not a person to be liked. He (his policies) kills children in their mothers’ ‘stomach’.

legally allowing someone is not the same thing as endorsing it. all law consists of is a system where violent individuals are kept in check with the threat of violent action. it is not a moral treatise or a guideline. the fact that the Lord doesn’t smite you when you sin doesn’t mean sinning is ok. the crime of abortion lies squarely with the mothers and the ones assisting them.


So your friend let his kids think that Obama kills kids? Great parenting. At least be honest. Obama has never killed anyone else’s child. If abortion really is murder no one is to blame for it but the women who have it done. Politicians, pro-choice groups, sex ed instructors, no one forces women to have it done. And while I’ve heard Obama talk about protecting a woman’s right to choose, I’ve never heard him say that a woman should be forced, or even pressured in to aborting.

And while we’re at it, better health care and social safety nets for pregnant women will reduce the demand for abortion, both of which Obama has fought for.

I think you are wrong. President Obama has been instrumental in furthering the cause of abortion and it has affected may unborn. He is at fault and he will be held responsible in the last judgement. He is not alone in this fostering of the culture of death. His administration has the worst record on life issues. There is nothing wrong with being brutally honest about abortion. We need to be honest about abortion or we will never stop abortion.

He may fight to enable women to have abortions, but he has not caused a single one. At least put blame on the ones who do it, the women.

No, helping making abortion accessible is helping murder. Another form is the drone attacks on Pakistan, which have also killed many children. But I guess they were Pakistani Muslims. And seen as “collateral damage”. So few in the so-called pro-life camp really care.

This doesn’t shock me.

What might be shocking, however is that you agree with her statement.

She says that murder is an acceptable evil for a greater good in some cases, such as a person’s right to control their body.

If you don’t agree with that statement, then would you support a woman’s right to kill a man trying to rape her?
In this case, she has the right to kill a person in order to maintain control of her body.

This woman’s argument is that, if a fetus is using her body against her will, then she has the right to tell it to stop, even using lethal force if necessary.

Just to pre-empt some arguments:
[list]*]Yes, self defense is legal, so it doesn’t count as murder, but abortion’s legal, too so that argument doesn’t work.
*]Yes, you can argue she consented to the possibility of a child when she had sex, but a woman can consent to sex and, then change her mind, even in mid-act, and the man is required to desist. Ergo, she has the right to change her mind at any time.
*]Yes, the child didn’t do anything wrong, but a woman would have the right to kill even a mentally handicapped person who didn’t understand the wrong in their actions.
*]Yes, the baby is doing what it’s doing to survive, but then I ask you if I need a kidney transplant, should I be allowed to force you to give me yours? I’ll die without it, and you’ll live through the operation? If you disagree with this, you agree with the right to let someone else die because you don’t want them having access to your body.

Now, I’m not saying that this is an airtight argument, and I’m certain you’ll find some loopholes in my reasoning on why this doesn’t apply to abortion.

But the fact remains, I bet most of you would agree that murder can sometimes morally be secondary to the right of a woman to choose how her body is used by others, in cases that are not abortion. Therefore, this woman’s line is not that shocking.

Hitler enabled his henchmen to order the mass murder of 18 million Jews, Roma, Russians, Poles, Ukrainians, Serbs, communists, homosexuals, disabled people in Europe between 1939 and 1945. But he never fired a single shot at anyone.

Is he innocent of the Holocaust?

self-defense? thats rich.
another point I don’t understand is the argument that “forcing” women to have children is repressive and forces them to live the untimely lifestyle of kitch kitch und kinder. With the same line of thinking infanticide or murder doesn’t look so bad. I had too many unruly passengers so I threw some overboard.


When Obama takes over every branch of the government and starts organizing a group that will force women to have abortions or be killed we can compare Obama to Hitler.

And lets not forget, Obama cannot make abortion illegal.

Couple of points: children at 5 and 6 are too young to tell this to. And it is not, as the above poster points out, strictly accurate. I hate Obama’s policies and his refusal to support the Born Alive Infants Act, but would never discuss this with a child that young. Let them appreciate the fact that we have a black president, who is no doubt doing his best by his lights, may God have mercy on his soul.
And, it is very often not the woman who is to blame, but the parents, boyfriend or husband who forced her into the abortion. I mean forced, it happens all the time – we had a crying teenager call us at our crisis pregnancy center begging for help as her parents had taken her for an abortion against her will . . . there wasn’t much we could do except pray for her.

…but ‘old enough’ to be exposed to/be bombarded with all manner of filth via all media?

The president gets a pass because he is black?

from 4:00ff

Voting Pro Abortion and Receiving Holy Communion - YouTube

Parents are first and primary eduactors of children. knowing their children I trust they know when or when not to introduce things to their children.

Believe it or not, most Germans were not forced to kill Jews or Roma or Eastern Europeans or other Holocaust victims. They were made to believe this was an acceptable thing to do.

If Bush was able to ignore others’ good advice when he invaded Iraq or passed bills that made it impossible for impoverished children to get health care, Obama can pass a bill that makes abortion illegal.

Of course, Obama is already murdering Pakistanis and Afghans. The ‘pro-life’ groups who allegedly defend life from conception to old age haven’t noticed that yet… they were also conspicuously quiet when Bush killed tens of thousands of Iraqis… and Reagan killed hundreds of thousands of El Salvadorans and Guatemalans.

Barack is anti-life in more ways than most ‘pro-lifers’ are willing to admit.


  1. There is no way such a bill would make it through Congress. He cannot pass anything, Congress has to.

  2. Because the SCOTUS has ruled that a woman has a constitutional right to an abortion only another SCOTUS ruling can take it away.

  3. If Obama could do it don’t you think Regan would have, or either one of the Bushes. But they can’t.

  4. I still maintain that the blame does not fall on Obama. He doesn’t force or even presure women to do it. Its the woman’s fault. That’s like blaming Obama for obesity because fast food is legal. He doesn’t make you eat it, but its available. (And once again, he can’t make it illegal)

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