Shock Waves May Damage Soldiers' Brains

Looks like helmets are likely to cause brain damage, due to bad design:

Actually it seems that, due to the helmets, victims are living with head injuries that would in earlier times have killed them. Guess it’s a matter of which is worse, head-injured or dead?

Me, I’ve been a pacifist since long before it was cool, anyhow. ICXC NIKA.

You Lie!

or you are functionally illiterate

first paragraph:
When today’s soldiers enter combat, they’re better protected from explosions than the military personnel of any previous war. Ultra-strong helmets shield them from the flying shrapnel of homemade bombs; high-tech cushioning cradles their skulls during sudden impacts with the ground. But because modern soldiers are surviving explosions that would have taken the lives of Vietnam-era infantrymen, army hospitals are seeing a rise in a particularly painful war wound—traumatic brain injury (TBI).

we get it, you are anti-military and will lie to spread your propaganda.

“A lie is a type of deception in the form of an untruthful statement, especially with the intention to deceive others…” Satan Lies and deceives.

Or you lack charity. But maybe not, since you included a helpful sentence in the quote:

first paragraph:
…Army hospitals are seeing a rise in a particularly painful war wound—traumatic brain injury (TBI).

we get it, you are anti-military and will lie to spread your propaganda.

If you enlist in the military, your helmet won’t fully protect you. That’s not propaganda, that’s just a fact backed up by a scientific journal.

I have to say, I had my Helmet for 6 years, been on 2 operations, hundreds of training excersizes, and never once had a problem with it, kept me safe when i needed it( and i did need it), seems to me this is one of those anti war, anti goverment posts, They’ll be posting a thread soon saying, The colour of the combats in Iraq and Afghanastan are lethal, because the sand over there is yellow 01256, but the combats are yellow 01257 therefore there not helping our soldiers blend in.

Nothing can ever “fully protect” you in a situation designed to cause disablement and death. That is the nature of war. This is not the same as saying the equipment is badly designed.

No, but if you read the article in the link, you’d see that the equipment could be playing a part in traumatic brain injury, according to actual scientific testing.

One person does not make for an adequate sample size however.

Who’s they? I’m one person discussing an article referencing a science journal. Perhaps I’m the one who’s “anti war anti goverment (sic)” but the article could be of use to the military and government, if they’d like to improve the equipment being used to protect soldiers.

OK, so let’s design a better helmet. But that’s no reason not to enlist.

Well, the more I’d rather not enlist if more adequate protection is not in use, to add traumatic brain injury to the risks of death and other horrors of war.

Well, I did not enlist, and am a pacifist, and am now overage anyhow. BUT… let’s be realistic, TBI was always a danger in war, as are blindness, gunshot, limb loss etc. No quality of equipment will ever make TBI a non-issue in war.

If we are seeing more TBI’s in modern war, it is because the helmets have made formerly killing head wounds now “merely” disabling. So, these much-maligned head buckets exchange a possibly greater chance of TBI for a reduced chance of permanent breathing failure. Some, I’m sure, would say it’s worth it.

Of course, most military specialties do not even require a helmet. There are a lot of non-combat jobs. But even paper-pushing at the Pentagon is not without risk, as we learned on 9/11. But then neither is working as a secretary in an office tower.

Wow—we’re all the way back to World War I and “shell shock”.

When I was in, we were still using the old World War II “steel pots”, and I always felt confident enough, I guess; but the fact is, in a combat situation, there’s enough flying ordnance around that nothing will protect you entirely. War is bad for your health, kids…and you should get down on your knees every day and thanks God that there are men and women who are willing to risk these types of horrible injuries to protect you----and so you don’t have to.

I’ve must have suffered over a dozen concussions in Iraq. If I hadn’t been wearing a helmet, I’d probably be dead right now.

Thank you.

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