Shocked by what I just saw


An ad for condoms—on a Catholic TV station (NOT EWTN). :eek:

I dragged myself out of bed and wrote them this letter:

This morning, (your station) ran an ad stating: ‘Real men wear condoms.’

This is just as I was considering another donation to (your station).

I don’t care who the ad was from or whose decision it was to run it; as long as you run such ads that go against Catholic teachings on a supposedly Catholic television station, I will not support your mission.



The day I see this ad on EWTN is probably the day the trumpet sounds. :mad:


I know I am straying from the subject, but I was just thinking.
Many people, including Catholics , are horrified by the fact that people in Africa do not have enough to live but may have 10 children.
They would like all of them to wear condoms.
Yes, but I have a different idea: We in the West have everything we need for a very comfortable life.
People in Adfrica have nothing like what we have and we would like to deprive them of the only thing they can have for free: children.
This is just how disgusting our mentality is.


Interesting observation!


Unfortunately, there are a lot of Catholic radio stations, television stations, and colleges that flaunt their Catholicism, but in practice go against several of the things the Church stands for. Sad. :frowning:


Sailor, what station is this? The only Catholic tv station I can get is EWTN, is this a local station? Anywat I can say I am saddened, but not surprised at this. Good for you for telling them what you think!


don’t know much about how TV works, but maybe the producers are renting time on some other network and don’t have control over the advertising? a bit of a stretch, i know, but i hate to condemn before all the details are known.

none-the-less, it is an inappropriate ad for Catholic television …

on a side note, i am glad to see all the brew-ha-ha over Notre Dame inviting obama-lama-ding-dong.


It’s local to me. They broadcast most of the day and switch over to EWTN at night.

if you need to know I’ll answer any PM


“SK” OH MY GRAVY. :nope:

If I were you, I’d write to the Bishop of the diocese from which the “Catholic” station airs… and complain… big time. He may not even be aware of it. God have mercy on us. They may claim to be “Catholic”… but the reality, may be that they (or their sponsors) are not.

EWTN still gets my vote … when it comes to authentic Catholic broadcasting.


At the end of the Ad did it say “Sponsored By Notre Dame?”




I did get a quick reply, telling me I did not see what I saw. When my head is less stuffy I’ll review it.


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