Shocking images show corpses of illegal immigrants left to die after border crossings



While this is shocking and shameful, lets not blame Obama for it. People have been crossing the southern border of this nation for decades and we all know it. And let’s not forget that it was Bush who signed the law that is allowing this current exodus not Obama.

If the previous administration had been serious about securing our borders after 911 it would be secure, and would have been within weeks. There was no interest in securing our southern border because way too many people get a lot of cheap labor out of the illegals that cross everyday to work here. Been watching this since I was old enough to read at age 3.

The blood of these poor souls is on those who hire them illegally, those who exploit them for running drugs and sex rings, those who threaten their lives in the countries they are coming from. If we want to stop the flow we need to stop the cartels; the construction companies that hire them; the oil companies that hire them; the grocery stores that hire them; all for the fact that they can take away their rights and pay them under the table. It is a decades old problem that no one wanted to deal with.

So now we are all ready to blame the current administration. Really?


The latest wave is at least partly the result of a rumor in Latin America that those who are on US soil when"immigration reform" is passed will be granted resident status. IMO, the correct US response would be for the State Department to work closely with Latin American governments and media to dispel this rumor - thus saving lives. I am not seeing that occur.

I cannot help but think that this is being driven by activists (both public and private) who support unlimited immigration - the ends here justifying the means.


I do and will blame the OBama administration for this disaster. Yes, they have always been coming over the border but never, ever like this. OBama’s Dream Act, 2012 is more like a nightmare for illegals & the American people.


Heck! I heard an ad on our local Catholic radio station one night, with a lady talking in a thick Latina accent, about how now is a great time to apply for DACA!


I couldn’t get the link to work. I tried the link from the Drudge Report earlier this afternoon and couldn’t get it to work there either.

This is not the time of the year to be crossing the deserts in texas, new mexico, arizona or california. Obama sent many of these immigrants on a death march if you ask me. They were prey to criminals, cartels, coyotes, the dangerous train ride and worst of all the desert heat. If they didn’t have money for water to take on their journey they were doomed!


Obama sent them? :rolleyes:


Anyone crossing the desert south west this time of year has to be desperate. We are talking about areas where you need to carry 2 gallons (16 lbs) of water, per person, per day, just to survive.


Bush should certainly be blamed for not foreseeing that Obama or someone like him would use it to flood the U.S. with illegal immigrants. Yes. He should have foreseen that in the same sort of way he should have foreseen that the IRS was subject to being used as a political persecutor under a later unscrupulous president and devised ways to prevent abuse of that nature. There are lots of things he should have foreseen, but didn’t.

I don’t pretend to know about all employers in the U.S., but I do know somethings because I have seen them. First of all, employers are not allowed by law to question ID that’s valid on its face, no matter how much they think the applicant is illegal. It’s a joke in some places. “Jose” will go back to Mexico or Guatemala or whever he came from for awhile (he used to be deported sometimes, but not now), and come back as “Esteban” and apply at the very same employer. They know full well that “Esteban” and “Jose” are the same guy, but they can’t question it if he has ID saying he’s “Esteban”. And E-verify is of no use because good ID forgers always use real social security numbers of people of about the same age.

One thing can be said in Bush’s favor, he did allow ICE to “raid” places of employment. Truth is a lot, maybe most of them, weren’t really “raids” in the way people think of them. Very, very often they were complicitous between the employer and ICE. The employer would get obvious illegal after obvious illegal, but couldn’t question their ID. They would turn them over to ICE which really could investigate them. Then a “surprise raid” would be scheduled between the employer and ICE if the numbers were large.

But Obama stopped all that.

When it comes to construction, I have never seen an obviously illegal crew that was not brought in by another Hispanic. Never. So, if the general contractor turns down "Rogelio"s crew when it bids less than “Joe Jones’” crew, he’s likely to get sued for “racial discrimination” by Rogelio who probably has a green card himself. I have seen that over and over again.

There was a time when the contractor or Joe Jones himself could call ICE and get a raid scheduled. But no more.

But it’s true that Bush was lax on border enforcement, and allowed some “catch and release” to take place. But his biggest failure was in not foreseeing that a later president of dictatorial mind might abandon all efforts at law enforcement entirely, or actively encourage illegal immigration like Obama has.


“desperate” is a relative thing. I think it’s not unreasonable to assume there are relief stations set up by coyotes and cartels within the 40 or so miles inside this country where Border Patrol doesn’t go anymore. Of course, some coyotes wouldn’t bother, I’m sure.


My understanding is most coyotes won’t bother. And there are very, very, very few relief stations in AZ that I can tell you.


Given that the President KNEW this was coming and WH acknowledged it and did nothing, of course they deserve blame. He did NOTHING. Why did he not update a sef trafficking bill? Why did he place ads for care workers for tens of thousands of immigrant children and not you know, be ready to stop them when they arrived?

For pete’s sake, the buck stops with him.

Yes, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, or Carter could have done something. But real men accept responsibility for that which they are responsible for.

This “man” gets caught with his pants down more than a beltless toddler wearing daddy’s shorts. He is always ready to fix the barn door AFTER the horses have run away. The blood of these poor souls in on him. He wants them here this way. Free votes. Support from his constituents. Further erode and topple American economy, and bring everyone down to a C- status. He gets to garner power and further attempt to destroy the evil American economy all in one fail swoop - it’s his dream!

I haven’t seen such ineffective incompetence ever in my life, and for some reason, posts like yours go out of their way to defend his incompetence. Not just ignore it, but highlight and defend it! Why? Why the insistence on defending an anti-Catholic, anti-Christian, racist man who couldn’t manage a tee ball team with striking out?


So why do you think all of a sudden this began happening? I believe Obama definitely got the word out or the activists who are under him
to these countries.

This was organized from the start.


The Obama administration’s claim to have been surprised by the wave of children flooding over out borders may turn out to be another political lie of the year. Sundance of Conservative Treehouse noticed a very peculiar advertisement:
On January 29th of this year, the federal government posted an advertisement seeking bids for a vendor contract to handle “Unaccompanied Alien Children“.
Not just any contract mind you, but a very specific contract – for a very specific number of unaccompanied minors: 65,000.
• Why would DHS and ICE be claiming “surprise” by the current influx of unaccompanied minors on the border in June, when they were taking bids for an exact contract to handle the exact situation in January?
• Secondly, how could they possibly ** anticipate 65,000 **unaccompanied minors would be showing up at the border, when the most ever encountered in a previous year was 5,000 total ?

Link to the advertisement:


In the United States, only Congress can pass legislative bills. The partisanship of Congress has them very ineffectual at confronting any change.

Immigration has been an “all of a sudden” crisis for decades now.

I think Americans would have learned to take the media with a grain of salt by now, especially when the article starts with such political rhetoric as “all this blood is on Obama’s hands.” Surely we are not so naïve as to think media and blogs that make such statements actually engage in journalism.

As to the re-direction of desert border crossing, on solution would be to start allowing legal and controlled crossing to all who want in safe places. Whether this is not something someone would support might give an indication as to whether this outrage is really about the loss of human life or politics. I would refer to Jesus’ admonition that we must first remove our own beams to see clearly and remove another’s speck.


Oh please, let’s not act as thought exonerates the man. It is such a minor point as to not really mean anything. The President has a pen and a phone. He generally does what he wants anyway, and it is his job to urge Congress to act (he did not) or make sure we are prepared.

Or, do what he does best and issue an EO. Why not call a spade a spade? There is proof he knew this was coming at least months in advance, and did nothing. It would appear that this is exactly what he wanted to happen.

This President is surprisingly good and doing what he wants when he wants to. If he wanted to help Americans or solve this problem, he would. He couldn’t care less about the people in this country, or those coming here.


Then let us truly call it like it is. In this matter, no one but God alone know if he has all this blood on his hands, this assuming that the article at least has some measure of truth.

I never said he should be exonerated of anything (or found guilty, for that matter). But then I also know the difference between proof and evidence, thought the two are often mixed up in political rhetoric. I am also old enough and bear the memory of the immigration crisis of the past. The good think about getting older is that you do not have to rely on others to spin history that you lived through.


Because illegal immigration wasn’t a major issue in the early 2000’s? Come on, people.

He’s been talking about immigration reform for a very long time now. And you want him to overreach with an EO while Republicans are busy suing him for overreaching with EO’s?


The problem does not rest with Bush. It does not rest with Obama.

The problem rest purely with the American people. As long as the American people cheer on the demagogues who use the race card to shut down debate and real reform on the immigration policy, the status quo is here to stay.

Until then, the southern border is something of a sick joke.


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