Shocking webpage

I was looking for some answers about the seriousness of lying on google, and came across this site:

This site is making really rediculous claimes why the Church should be avoided or even Christianity in general. Are people familiar with this webpage?

If seems as if this person is holding a grudge against the Church and maybe this is why such attack is created. Or do people here know who or what the source can be?

Why are you surprised? The guy is a secularist who hates the church. :shrug: What else is new? He makes a lot of noise but really says very little because in the end all he says is that he does not agree with the Church (or any religion apparently) and his reasons are just as irrational as he tries to make the church sound.

Secularism hasn’t done a single helpful thing for society.

Just ignore that site and put your efforts into spreading the faith while praying always for souls.

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Well said. :thumbsup:

Reminds me of this…


I once read somewhere that the internet is not an information superhighway but an information cow path. Watch your steps lest you step on a really good one. :smiley:

Thanks! You gave me my laugh for the day.:smiley:

lol, you’re absolutely right pensmama87, the picture you sent is exactly how I can feel sometimes. Maybe I just should let it go more often and not worry. The same goes for this webpage I gave. Of course, it is good to keep thinking about the why’s and how’s and ask questions, but not worry about these kinds of information.

I read some of the website. His writings are completely incoherent.


The substantive arguments are exceedingly bad. The claim that creation ex nihilo means that the universe pops into existence whether God wants it to or not is utter gibberish and completely misrepresents creation ex nihilio. The attempt to use the Euthyphro dilemma and dismiss the obvious answer (goodness is God’s nature) is similarly clueless. It makes no sense to say that goodness is “whatever God’s character wants it to be.” The distinction between God’s nature and God’s will is precisely that God’s nature just is what it is. It can’t be other than it is, whereas God can will something other than He wills (but never something contrary to His nature).

The author is clearly a person of great moral earnestness who is angry at the Church, possibly for good reasons. But he/she is pretty clueless about the actual nature and implications of basic Church teaching about God, and does not seem to be aware of the need to answer the question “if there is a moral standard independent of God, then what is this standard and where does it come from?”


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