Shoes of Fisherman on TBN (!)

And it’s the LBX (widescreen, i.e., original theatrical aspect ratio), which I have never seen before. Shoes of Fisherman is merely a very-good movie in its standard pan-and-scan VHS format, but seeing it widescreen makes it an excellent movie. :thumbsup:

(Can someone out there turn on their local TBN, whatever channel it is, and verify that I’m not making this up? Thanks.)

Yes, it is on right now. Also online at

Yup - I saw it listed too. It did surprise me some to see it there. Though I must admit to having watched several good “bible” movies on TBN.


This may be a shock, but not only are there good Bible movies on TBN late at night, there is sometimes Catholic programming and “Catholic” movies. It probably depends on which affiliate you’re watching. I saw “The Nun’s Story” on TBN. From time to time an EWTN show even turns up there. While channel surfing one morning, one of the televangelists was hosting a talk program with a Trappist author.

I heart practically jumped out of my chest when I saw it on the guide. So I immediately tuned in and watched with a smile on my face. :slight_smile:

Wow. That would be a shock to me. Most of the stuff I see on TBN is always this “prosperity gospel” junk. :rolleyes::frowning:

The trick is to stay away from any “evangelical” shows - preaching etc. Just look for movies. These are generally ones that have not been produced by TBN bur rather purchased by them for airing.
I’d like to see a bit more of this on EWTN, but I suppose their budget / mission statement / long term planning is not in this direction as much.


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