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Ive let apathy seemingly take over me lately. I really cant say whats wrong with me other than I feel empty,depressed and unmotivated. Recently I started going to church again due to it coming back in my life at what seems to be like the right time. Eh its just been stressful some issues ive been dealing with are:

  1. Ended it with this girl I was madly in love with who told me she really had no feeligns for me and I meant nothing to her. Shes currently has a thing going with one of my best friends. So im removing myself from my friend circle.

2.Friends kid just died.

3.Was mugged a week ago.

4.Friend was jumped after hanging out with me and hospitalized. He was mugged outside the school ive had my eyes set on for a while.

  1. Working through college apps.

6.Lead singer of a local band I knew died a week ago.

7.Lack of any ability what so ever to communicate or socialize as of recent.

I think faith is the major thing keeping me from getting drowned out by this depressive apathy. A week after me and the girl ended it I was at a monastery for a few hours and I felt so at peace. Then church last night through providence had a little homily on letting god in when your most distressed. Im trying its hard and well its taking its toll on me. Any advice would be usefull.


Greetings Zeroxp. May the Grace, Peace and Love of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with you Always!

First, I would like to say that you are not alone. Jesus is with you always. Remember, “I go before you always.” Jesus gives us all a cross that we must bear. He made sure that it was not one ounce too heavy, and will not give us more than we are able to handle. Trust in Our Lord.

In your relationship situation, I can personally relate with you. Without going into a quite lengthy story, I too went through some deep and seemingly endless suffering, and truthfully, I still am. Even though the “situation” has greatly improved, it still pains me and brings new sufferings everyday. However, do not think that Jesus has left you, or has abandoned you. He never will! An indirect quote from St. Faustina goes something like: God is closest to you when you think He is the fartherest away. It is in these times that your faith is “tested.” We must turn to God in our sufferings, and trust Him with everything. Not a hair falls from our head unless He permits it. Trust Jesus! I reccommend praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. If you dont know how to pray it, just give me a PM!

I’m deeply sorry to hear about the death of your friends child. Pray for his/her soul, and for Our Lord to comfort those who mourn. You are all in my prayers!

I’m also sorry to hear that you were mugged. I pray that you are alright. Also, regarding your friend. It wasnt your fault that he was jumped while coming home from your house. Pray to St. Christopher to keep you safe!

AHH, college apps. I hate those so much! I know EXACTLY what youre going through. But once again, dont worry. Jesus will support you. Sorry to hear about the lead singer of your favorite band. Pray for his/her soul and for all who mourn. Remember, blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted, and one day laugh.

Don’t worry about not being able to socialize. We all go through those “awkward” phases. Once again, I cant stress enough, Trust in Jesus! Keep praying “Jesus, I Trust In You!”, and you can also pray to St. Faustina. I reccommend reading her diary, and praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. May God Bless you in all things. If you would like to talk personally about anything please PM (Personal Message) me! God Bless you Zeroxp, you are in my prayers!
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This sincerely helps me out a lot. Its definetly a trying time in my life. Eh I just talked to the girl who I was in the relationship with. I probably shouldnt have. I feel better but I feel like I shouldnt be talking to my friend or her after what theyve done because I doubt they know I know. I need to go to church more perhaps while I seperate myself from my friends for a while I can help out with the church. I havnt really been super involved in years mybe this ressurgence of it in my life at this trying time is providence. Still open to more advice. I kind of want to go on a retreat but it takes a lot to set that up.


Do not despair. In my opinion, although it hurts, I think its always better to talk. You never know what may happen when you do. (Take me for example, through talking we are got back together again, through the Mercy of God.) Dont separate yourself too much from your friends. You can still be close to God and speak and associate with friends and family.
Also, does your Church have a Youth Group? If so, you should join! They do alot of things for the Parish, and can help you get more involved. I attended an all day Advent Retreat at my Parish a few weeks ago, which was only for our Youth Group. It was an amazing, spiritual start to Advent.
And please remember, the Lord is always with you. The Lord’s way’s are not our way’s. Although we may not understand why something happened, we can be assured that the Lord know’s whats best for us. Some advice on suffering, which I recieved from an amazing and Holy Priest, is that “dont ask why, but what you can do with it.” It is in suffering that we can be our strongest. Like the old saying goes, what does kill ya’ only makes ya’ stronger. Offer all your suffering up to Jesus. It can be redemptive, and for the betterment of our soul. So offer everything up to Jesus, and Trust in Him! May the Blessing of Almighty God be with you always!
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Wow, that break-up must be really hard on you. Having her say you meant nothing to her while you were in love with her is a emotional pain that is unbearable. Dating and romantic love can be downright brutal. For this and the rest of your misfortunates, I offer my sympathy and prayers.


I offer up my prayers for you as well. Don’t worry, you’ll get through it. It may take a while, im not going to lie, but you’ll get through it. I reccommend praying the Rosary, and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, even if you don’t feel like praying, pray! Thats one of the most important things I can tell you. The Lord knows your heart, and knows what youre going through. He is there with you, along with His Holy Mother, our Mother, Mary, and all the Angels and Saints. May God Bless you Abundantly this Holy Advent Season!
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I spoke with her last night. She told me straight out she has feelings for my best friend and that shes going to go for it. She told me not to take it out on him…that I shouldnt be so angry I meant nothing to her from the start. But she feels pitty because someone did the same thing to her when she was 15…and all this. I told her im fine and didnt need pitty. That im gonna be mad but im not gonna get in the way ill give him the go ahead. She told me off and now we arnt speaking. I slept a total of 1 hour of sleep. Im going to pray the chaplet today even if its a struggle.


My prayers are with you…

Not quite been through everything you have been through except the girl issue and college applications. However, realize that being angry is fine, just do not commit sins because of it. Also, distancing yourself for a period of time may be a good thing since it will give you time to cool off and cast more trust into the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

Just flow in God’s grace, let this be a part of your witness/testimony, and know that life goes on and that there will be more opportunities and more hurts… It’s the cross called “Life.”


Thx again everyone for the prayers and advice. I talked with my friend whos involved with her. He wants to hang out friday and saturday. Im including her in our plans saturday. Though I know I should be angry like I said before I cant act on it though maybe I should. Not in a sinfull way but they do need to see some error in whats going on. Gah…my friend seems to be way to happy about all this and like hes on a mission to cheer me up. It just seems like hes rubbing the situation in my face unintentionally. Mercy is probably the best route. Like I said we are hanging out saturday. God give me the grace to show them mercy and forgiveness in hopes that they see their own wrongs. I put everything in his hands.


As of yesterday they are officially together. Though as angry as I should be im pretty calm about this. The following versus have really helped throughout this whole situation.

Matthew 6:34
1 corinthians 7:30-33
Prov 4:23
Rom 8:38-39
Mathew 11:28-29
1 corinthians 13:4-7

Mercy is the path I feel is best to walk down in this situation. Though I feel I should attack them and point out their wrongs im not going to. I pray that on their own it is realized.


Mercy is the path I feel is best to walk down in this situation. Though I feel I should attack them and point out their wrongs im not going to. I pray that on their own it is realized.

Yes, I too feel this is the best way to go. If you should say anything, which I dont know if you should, I dont think now is the time. I do feel you should talk to them eventually, but right now you are full of raw emotion, and bad things can come out of that. Mercy is the path we are all called to walk down. Pray for them, and Trust in our Lord. My prayers are with you Zeroxp, may God Bless you Abundantly!
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Once again thank you jacob and everyone else. Youve been an immense help. I will keep you all updated. God bless.


We’re always here for you. What youre going through is tough, I know how you fell. It’s good to have someone to talk to, even if its just over a forum. It’s helped me alot as well. God Bless,
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Dear Zeroxp

First to let you know that I really feel for the series of sad and stressful things you have been through. If you felt anything but empty, depressed and unmotivated I would be surprised and more concerned because I would think that maybe you are not facing what has happened to you.

Also things are much more difficult for you because those who have hurt you are still in your social circle – a circle you probably look to for support even if it is just going out together.

Sometimes a change of scene, like your visit to the monastery, can provide some relief to the churning that is probably going through your head and heart. Maybe this is partly because the people who have turned things upside down for you are not there. You are on your turf not theirs.

Also your ex-girlfriend telling you she never cared for you must have been a real slap on the face – its one thing to be told “I no longer love you” but to be told “I never loved you” must have been devastating. If she was intending to be cruel she couldn’t have done better.

Only piece of advice is not to make any irreversible decisions while you are recovering from this situation – like deciding whether or not to go to college or where to go. When we are recovering from a series of shocks sometimes we get to that place where if the best option appeared to us we would reject it.




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