Shooter attacks and murders nursing home residents and their nurse

Shooter attacks and murders nursing home residents and their nurse. Is he angry and wanting to get rid of those who are using government money, but are unable to give back anymore?

My question is ONLY speculation. Does anyone have any ideas why he did this?

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord…

Desperate people do desperate things, and it sounds like this man, for whatever the reason, was desperate.

God have mercy on him, and God rest the souls of his victims.

He was not related to anyone there, neither had he ever worked for them. I noticed quite a few of these killers have a rather high kill rate.

They did say he had been trying to get a hold of his ex and her family, and son. Not sure if it was their son.

But said he was dying of cancer, and had a few things he needed to take care of. There have been other shooting lately but they have not garnished as much attention.

I have my own personal theories.

According to this news story :

It is possible, but not yet confirmed, that the shooter’s wife (possibly ex-wife?) worked at the nursing home. Apparently they were either recently separated or recently divorced. “Love” is often cited as a reason for murder.

This is a very sad situation indeed. Prayers need to go out to all involved.

Nursing home shootings? Please share your personal theories as I would like to put my own to rest.

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