Shooting at Illinois Church

I think this is so sad. I wonder why the killer did it. If anyone hears anything about the motive, please post it.

I’m wondering if eventually, metal detectors and x-ray machines will be installed at the entrance to churches. Priests, pastors, and musicians are sitting ducks, and for that matter, so are parishioners. So sad.

I am usually carrying a concealed weapon when I go to daily Mass on my way to work (Fr. K knows). I don’t usually carry to Sunday Mass, our of deference to my wife, who doesn’t like it. I may change that.


Absolutely horrific. My prayers are with them all, and I pray that the man responsible gets the help he needs.

Report: Illinois Church Gunman Was Mentally Ill,2933,506886,00.html

I do carry to Mass but this is Illinois I don’t think they’re allowed to carry. Illinois and Wisconsin is the two States that have the most restrictive gun laws.

Just think if one person had been carrying in that that church that Minister could be alive today? This is just so appalling.

I regularly carry in Michigan, and our concealed carry laws stipulate that we cannot carry in church without permission. Any guidance on getting that permission? Should I talk to my parish priest, or contact the Bishop? Does anyone in Michigan have any experience with this? Thanks!


Do have to ask permission? In Texas we do not have to ask. If the Parish priest doesn’t want firearms in his Church he has to put up a thing we call a 30-06 sign at the entrance it states the law that CHL holders are not allowed to carry inside. That is for the general public but if the Priest knows you carry all he has to do is tell don’t carry on Church property and you can’t and you can be arrested if you do.

But that’s Texas. I’m pretty sure you have to ask the Parish priest? After all the Bishop put him in charge of that Parish.

Motive Remains a Mystery in Illinois Church Shooting That Killed Pastor,2933,507884,00.html

I’m very afraid here. I’m thinking that perhaps we don’t want to know. I’m so sorry, but after all that has happened in the last few years…I just hope my imagination is just running wild.

In Michigan we need explicit written permission per our concealed cary laws. There are 5 Catholic churches in my town, and in the last 2 weeks I’ve been to 3 of them. If I get a note from the Bishop, it’s one-stop shopping for the entire diocese. Otherwise I have to check in with each priest.


Good luck bro? BTW I was born and raised in Kalamazoo.:thumbsup:

Thanks. I have family in Kalamazoo. The snow is melting there finally.


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